Flickr Find: Retro Jam-Filled Bubbles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Does this sweet treat look familiar? It’s called a “retro bubble,” although this particular one is filled with something very current – bacon jam. You can freeze it and warm it up in the toaster, and we’d love to learn how to make it. Got any ideas?

This retro bubble was made by a bakery in Austin called Retro Bizzaro. Its online menu explains that the bubbles are made with a whole wheat crust, filled with jams and then frozen. Customers can warm them up in the toaster.

We’re intrigued. It sounds a cross between a pie and a Pop-Tart.

Imagine the possibilities – this would be a great use for homemade preserves, maybe even something savory like Oven-Roasted Tomato Jam with an herbed crust. Or a gingerbread crust with lemon curd filling.

The toaster idea also has us thinking. How great would it be to freeze a batch of these and pop one into your lunch bag for a treat at the office? It would also be a great homemade after-school snack to keep on hand.

But first, we need to track down a recipe. Anybody have one?

If it’s really a retro treat, they must be out there somewhere. Maybe you know the retro bubble by some other name? Let us know!

(Image: Flickr user stetted, licensed under Creative Commons)