Flickr Find: Pears Poached in Earl Grey Tea

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Poached pears are some of the simplest, most elegant fall and winter desserts. We usually simmer them in red wine, which is classic and delectable, but this Flickr photo has inspired us to try something different next time.

Why hadn’t it ever occurred to us to poach pears in tea?! We are captivated by the thought of sweet pears and plump dried fruits infused with aromatic, citrus-y Earl Grey.

Here’s a recipe for this dish, plus a few other recipes that marry pears and tea:
Pears Poached in Earl Grey Tea with Dried Fruit from Epicurious
Tea-Poached Pears with Tapioca Pearls and Satsumas from Epicurious
Green Tea Poached Pears with Pistachio Brittle from Martha Stewart
Pear-Almond Tart with an Earl Grey Sauce from Leite’s Culinaria
Pear Tartlets with Green Tea and Chocolate from La Tartine Gourmand
Earl Grey Mousse with Dried Pear Slices and Raspberries from Cloudberry Quark

(Image: Flickr member key lime_ pie licensed under Creative Commons)