Flickr Find: Chewy Turkish Ice Cream!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dondurma is the the official name for this Turkish dessert snack. Apparently, it’s so chewy and thick that you can eat it with a knife and fork!

From what we can tell, this Turkish ice cream is made in the same manner as our traditional custard ice cream, but with the addition of mastic resin and salep powder. These two extra ingredients change the structure of the ice cream and lower its melting point.

When the mixture is partially frozen, large paddles are used to “knead” the ice cream and develop elasticity, not unlike developing gluten when kneading bread dough. When complete, the ice cream is a solid mass and a knife is used to cut it into portions.

We have yet to come across this dessert on our culinary journey, perhaps owing to the fact that salep powder is hard to find in the US and is extremely expensive when it is found. Have any of you tried dondurma, either making it at home or on your world travels?

• We could only find one recipe for making this ice cream at home: Dondurma Recipe from Strange Food (and Drink)–the recipe is at the very bottom of the page.
• This article from the New York Times, “Ice Cream That’s a Stretch,” also gives a more detailed description of dondurma and suggests using guar gum in place of salep powder.

(Image: Flickr member Mshade licensed under Creative Commons)

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