Flickr Find: A Warm Stack of Blueberry Pancakes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Good morning… Don’t these look good? We know a thick pile of pancakes may sound overindulgent on a Monday, especially if you’ve had a weekend full of eating, but this photo reminded us of what a good vehicle for fresh (healthy) fruit pancakes are.

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Over the weekend, we read an article about a certain celebrity dad who claims his daughter asks for pancakes every morning (of course, he makes them). It’s a story we’ve heard often from friends with young children. Kids think pancakes are a monumental event, something special and indulgent — and if they get them on a weekday morning, it’s like they’ve somehow tricked their parents into feeding them Pop Rocks for breakfast.

But why not make pancakes a weekday event? The ingredients are items you almost always have on hand, and if you have a pint of berries you need to use up, this is a great way to do it. Plus, fruit adds extra nutrition and color to the plate.

If you’ve used your grill pan for dinner (and have one of the reversible models), just flip it over in the morning and use the griddle for breakfast.

Some pancake inspiration from our archives:

Do you make pancakes during the week?

(Image: Flickr member presta, licensed for use under Creative Commons)