Flavor Inspiration Board: Raspberries and Lemon

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just the thought of raspberries and lemon together in the same recipe makes our mouths water! All that tartness in one dish is almost more than we can handle – almost! – but we also can’t help reaching for another big spoonful. What are your favorite recipes starring this snappy flavor combo?

During these last hot days of summer, we often crave super tart desserts rather than sweet ones. Here are a few recipes to inspire:

Tart Lemon Tart with fresh raspberries dotting the top, from our own archives
Lemon Spongettes with a raspberry coulis, also from our archives
Raspberry Lemon Sorbet Floats from Martha Stewart
Lemon-Raspberry Cupcakes from Bon Appetit
Lemon Raspberry Drop from Drink of the Week
Raspberry Lemon Creamsicles from Recipe Goldmine

What are your favorite raspberry-lemon combinations?

(Image: Flickr members Muffet, Mickie G, quinn.anya, and Mar Mar licensed under Creative Commons)