The Innovative $10 Find That Will Totally Upgrade Your Grilling Game

published Aug 8, 2022
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A woman grilling as a man looks on
Credit: Andria Lo

Grilling season isn’t over just yet (thank goodness!). In fact, over here at The Kitchn, we’re just getting warmed up. So far, we’ve been relying on these pitmaster-approved rubs, a claw that makes shredding meat ridiculously easy, and this spicy, tingly sauce perfect for marinating veggies. But, if you’re at that point in summer where you’ve just run out of new ideas when it comes to shaking up the bbq rotation, then we’ve found a fun new twist for you. It’s an uber-easy-to-use grilling hack that’s about to totally upgrade your cooking. Plus, it requires no marinating, no prep, and no waiting. Sounds amazing, right?

Meet our new grilling obsession: the Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps that gently smoke whatever it is on your BBQ, no smoker necessary.

How do they work? Well, it’s simple. The set of eight thin, wooden wraps are designed to go around bundles of meat, chicken, salmon, veggies, and more in a tidy little roll to gently smoke and cook the ingredients to perfection. The sheets, a combination of cedar and alder, infuse the food with nutty, earthy, and slightly sweet notes, totally altering the flavor profile of anything you choose to wrap up. Plus, the set comes along with twine to keep everything secured and in place. When you’re done cooking, just unfurl the roll and serve right on the wrap — no plates needed! (Yes, these wraps are about to totally revolutionize camping food forever.)

It’s not only their flavor-infusing properties that make these ingenious wraps total game changers. In fact, the most brilliant aspect, IMO, is that they keep the food inside moist. Long strips of zucchini or chicken can easily dry out on the bbq (RIP the delicious dinner I was planning, am I right?), but with these wraps, you’ll lock the moisture into whatever it is you’re cooking. Think of them kinda like mini, much-less-expensive Dutch ovens, retaining moisture and self basting throughout the cooking process. The result? Juicy, smoky grilled goodies unlike anything you’ve made before.

Reviewers on Uncommon Goods’ site sing the praises of these smart little things. “My dad loved this product for Father’s Day!” one reviewer wrote. “He thought that learning a new way to cook was genius and he loves to be an old dog learning new tricks.” I mean, honestly, this is one new trick all of us could learn.

Another customer shared, “Adds wonderful flavor to salmon and is a conversation starter at a cookout. It is the perfect kitchen gadget to gift without breaking the bank.” It’s true, at just $10 for eight top-quality sheets plus twine, you’re getting a whole lot of bang for your buck… which means you should probably order more than one set. After all, there’s still a whole lot of grill time left this summer!

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