Five Ways to Warm Up this Weekend

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the past two days in New York, we’ve skipped right over the cool, comfortable days of Fall and gone straight to winter. It’s freezing outside (and intermittently raining, just to add insult to injury). Is it cold where you live? Do you need ways to get toasty? We’ve got five good ones.

We’ve got a big pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove right now (that’s it, above). The apartment smells amazing, and it’s adding a nice, slow heat to our kitchen. It will become a root vegetable soup tonight.

The ideas below will warm up your insides and your house, in case you’re facing a drizzly, chilly weekend. There’s no better time to stay in the kitchen and cook.

1. Make chili! It is football season, after all. Make a bit pot and eat it throughout the week. Our Easy Turkey Chili with Kale is picture above, but we also love Chili con Carne and Cincinnati Chili.

2. Have a hot toddy. Nora’s Hot Rum Cow (pictured, with run, vanilla, and milk) sounds delicious right now. Or you can make a Hot Buttered Bourbon and Cider.

3. Cook something low and slow in the oven. In other words, get braising. The heat from the oven spreads pretty fast through our apartment, and the smell of chicken or beef slowly simmering with vegetables and spices is intoxicating. We love these beer-braised short ribs (pictured).

4. Make chicken stock. Like we said, it fills your house with the quintessential cold-weather aroma, in our opinion. And you can turn it into any number of soups. We’ve got lots of information in our archives, including a basic tutorial, how to make it in a slow cooker, and tips for saving vegetable scraps.

5. End with some hot cocoa. Or Mexican hot chocolate. Don’t know the difference? Read Faith’s post on Malted Hot Cocoa (pictured).