Five Ways to Use Leftover Rice

(Image credit: Emily Han)

As much as we adore a steaming pot of freshly cooked rice, we’ve always had trouble mustering much enthusiasm once it crosses into the land of leftovers. Sure, there’s fried rice, which can be delicious with the addition of an egg or tofu or kimchee, but we must admit that we usually find ourselves pushing the cold mass of grains farther back into the refrigerator. In an effort to be more frugal and conscientious, we’re looking for inspiration for our leftovers. Here are a few ideas; please share more in the comments!

(Image credit: visualpanic)cc by 2.0

1. Rice Pudding

We love cardamom and pistachio rice pudding at Indian and Afghani restaurants. Why don’t we ever make it at home?

2. Soups & Stews

A handful or two of leftover rice can add texture and volume to an existing soup recipe. We’re thinking rice could also be the basis for a quick, light soup with any seasonal greens, vegetable broth, and a little garlic.

3. Frittatas

We’ve added leftover pasta to our frittatas. How about rice?

4. Arancini

Rice + cheese + breadcrumbs. Fried. Not much more needs to be said.

  • Recipe inspiration: Arancini recipe roundup, from The Kitchn

5. Vegetable Rolls

Although we usually make rolls with traditional sushi rice, why not make healthy snacks and lunches by wrapping our leftover brown rice and vegetables in toasted sheets of nori?

Any other ideas?

(Image: Flickr member visualpanic licensed under Creative Commons)