Five Ways to Get Your Pot Lids Organized

updated May 3, 2019
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We’ve talked at length about pot racks and using them (and other storage solutions) to organize your pots and pans. But really, when it comes down to it, our pots aren’t the problem: it’s the lids. Mine are constantly knocking about, sliding around and getting in the way. Here are five solutions and products for pot lids — do you use one of these to keep your pot lids in place?

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• 1 Install bars on the inside of cabinet doors – At Martha Stewart. This potentially cheap way to store lids just requires sturdy cabinet doors and a couple of thin towel bars. Have you tried this DIY solution? I am seriously considering it, since the cupboard where my pans live is very wide (and shallow) and I think the doors could support this.

• 2 In-cupboard lid organizer – We have mentioned this before, and we like how this gadget rolls in and out of the cupboard. Has anyone tried this?

• 3 Chrome lid organizer – At Get Organized, $40. This is similar to the previous storage solution, but it looks like it might be more sturdy than the white plastic version.

• 4 Wooden peg rack – Another idea from Martha Stewart. A simple wooden peg rack can help keep your pot lids slotted in place.

• 5 Wall pot lid organizer – At IKEA for only $2.99! If you have the wall space (or even space on the inside of a tall cupboard door) you can mount this and slot your pot lids in it. Does anyone use this? How does it work? You can see it or something similar on the left of a cupboard in Rena Tom’s kitchen tour here.

Also check out this idea from TipNut on using spring-tension curtain rods to create divisions in the cupboards. Any other good ideas for keeping pot lids in line?

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(Images: Martha Stewart; Fresh Finds; Get Organized; Martha Stewart, IKEA)