Five Ways to Eat: Pumpkin

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We’re surrounded by pumpkin this time of year! Pumpkin is one of the most delicious gourds; its deep orange flesh and sweet flavor make it a wonderful food on the fall table. But you don’t have to be limited to pumpkin pie. Here are five (or six!) ways we like to eat pumpkin.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A pumpkin salad with lentils and goat cheese.
  1. In a warm salad – Pumpkin is good in most recipes that call for butternut squash; its warmth and bright color bring the same qualities. This salad could be made with pumpkin or squash; it also includes lentils and goat cheese. Also try this warm pumpkin salad with polent and candied pumpkin seeds.
  2. Stuffed and baked! – As we showed you yesterday, the pumpkin makes a fabulous vegetarian centerpiece at a holiday meal. Reader Jaime showed us her stuffed baked pumpkin, and it looks delicious. Here also is a recipe from Dorie Greenspan.
  3. In a stir-fry – This chicken and pumpkin stir-fry looks easy, autumnish, and very good.
  4. In a creamy soup – Pumpkin lends itself so well to warm, creamy soups. Try this pumpkin tortilla soup or this pumpkin soup with bacon.
  5. In baked goods – OK, this is really how we want to eat pumpkin right now! But you can skip the storebought puree and make your own from pumpkins left over after Halloween. Here is how to make pumpkin puree. After that you can turn it into pumpkin pie, pumpkin crumb cakes, iced vegan cookies or pumpkin olive oil bread.
  6. BONUS: Don’t forget about the seeds! – Pumpkin seeds make a great snack. To get the maximum flavor, first simmer them in salt water so the salt permeates the seed. Then roast them with spices for a toasty fall snack.

What’s your favorite way to eat pumpkin?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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