Five Ways to Eat: Edamame

Five Ways to Eat: Edamame

Faith Durand
Oct 6, 2009

Edamame! We mostly know of edamame through the appetizers of salty pods served at sushi restaurants. But edamame's tender green beans are good for more than snacking; here are a few favorite ways to eat it.

First of all, what is edamame? Edamame is just soybeans in their unripe form, still green and sweet in their pods. Mature soybeans are dry and brown, and good for making tofu and soymilk. But the green beans are good to eat steamed or stir-fried.

  1. Straight up, with salt - Did you know that edamame isn't just a sushi restaurant appetizer? It's easily made at home, too. We like to buy bags of frozen, steamed edamame in their pods and just warm it up. Peel and eat!
  2. With rice - Edamame beans, shelled from their pods, make a quick and delicious supper. We love this recipe of black rice and edamame.
  3. Stir-fried - You can do many things with those tender little green beans, once they've been slit out of their pods, and stir-frying is another great option. Throw into some leftover rice with an egg and quickly stir-fry until hot.
  4. In a bean salad - Edamame is also great in tossed bean salads, like this Three Bean Salad with cumin, garlic, lime juice, and black-eyed peas.
  5. Pureed in a dip - Here's a great way to make a party dip that's healthy but still full of lively and bright flavors: puree edamame beans with lemon, mint, and cheese into a great snack dip.

Do you have other ways you love to eat edamame? Share them here! Here, too, are a few more great posts on edamame and soybeans.

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