Five Ways to Eat: Brussels Sprouts

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Mmmmm….. Brussels sprouts! It’s the right time of year for these miniature cabbages, so cute and sweet. What? You don’t like Brussels sprouts? If you don’t like them, maybe you just haven’t had them prepared the right way. Here are five ways we love them.

(Image credit: Faith Durand)
Brussels sprouts wrapped in pancetta.

This is the right time for Brussels sprouts! They’re even better when harvested after a frost. Also, look for sprouts still on the stalk.

  1. Blanched and tossed with olive oil – Brussels sprouts are, perhaps, at their most appealing when they are crisp and crunchy. Don’t overcook them; just blanch them quickly, then toss with lemon and olive oil in a fresh salad with shallots.
  2. With beets! – Brussels sprouts’ cruciferous flavor is wonderful when paired with the sweeter, mellower beet. How about a dish of sprouts and golden beets?
  3. Roasted – Roasting Brussels sprouts is perhaps the easiest way to enjoy them at their best.
  4. Shredded, in a salad – Like their larger sibling, the cabbage, sprouts are great shredded in raw salads.
  5. Wrapped in bacon (or pancetta) – Everything is better with bacon! These Brussels sprouts are wrapped in pancetta and garnished with almonds. Wonderful little bites!

Those are just a few ways to eat these lovely, crunchy, miniature cabbages. Here are a few more tips and notes on eating Brussels sprouts. What’s your favorite way to eat this vegetable?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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