Five Ways to Eat: Brown Rice

updated May 2, 2019
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Do you eat brown rice? Or is it only white rice for you? We love brown rice, and even though it’s not completely interchangeable with white rice, it has pleasures and merits all its own. Here are a few favorite ways to eat it.

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Brown rice comes in several varieties, from short-grain to long-grain. The long-grain variety will cook up drier and more separate in its rice grains, while the shorter-grained types will be softer and more pearly.

  1. With soy sauce – Plain brown rice, nutty and sweet, with a splash of soy sauce is a wonderful lunch. We don’t think good brown rice needs too much adornment.
  2. In a veggie burger – Brown rice is a basic ingredient in most veggie burgers. Here’s the best veggie burger we know how to make.
  3. Fried with onions, ginger, and an egg. – Fried rice is better with brown rice, we think. This version includes an optional scrambled egg, and plenty of ginger.
  4. With squash and nuts – Here’s a nutritional powerhouse: brown rice with creamy squash and crunchy cashews. Yum!
  5. In a salad – Brown rice, especially the long-grain drier variety, makes a wonderfully textured addition to green salads, like this mixed greens salad with dates, cashews, and chickpeas.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy brown rice? Here are a few more tips and ideas, including a great source for wonderful California-grown brown rice.

• Massa Organics: California Whole Grain Brown Rice
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