Five Ways to Eat: Blueberries

updated May 2, 2019
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Blueberries! One of our favorite fruits, and full of juicy goodness. They’re not particularly in season right now, sadly, but the frozen versions of those yummy berries up above are always available, thank goodness. Here are five of our favorite ways to eat blueberries — frozen or otherwise.

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Blueberries are rich in good nutrients, and we love the way they taste, too. We like how they’re often not too sweet, and even that sweetness is balanced by a dark ripeness.

  1. Plain, by the handful – When blueberries are in season, they are one of our favorite snacks. We eat them as a refreshing treat of an afternoon snack all the time during the summer months.
  2. As a light dessert – Even frozen blueberries are great as a light dessert; just heat them up, mix in a little sugar and perhaps a touch of brandy, and then serve them in little cups with a touch of whipped cream or thick yogurt.
  3. In baked desserts – How about a blueberry cobbler or blueberries with panna cotta? This is where frozen berries can really shine.
  4. For breakfast: in bread or yogurt – This of course is the other place where frozen berries come in super handy. We love blueberry oat bread for breakfast, little blueberry muffins, or these fluffy whole wheat blueberry muffins. We also really, really like frozen blueberries swirled into plain yogurt for a healthy and delicious lunch.
  5. In a meat sauce – Blueberries’ natural tannic properties make them a great fruit for pairing with meat. Try, for instance, this recipe:

    Pork Chops with Savory Blueberry Sauce

(Image credit: Faith Durand)
Frozen blueberries mixed into plain yogurt.

How else do you like to eat blueberries — especially the frozen ones that we can get right now?

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