Five Ways to Eat: Barley

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Barley is a grain that you may only know from beef barley soup. Well, there are many more ways than just soup to enjoy barley, and it has a fabulous taste all on its own. Here are a few ways to eat barley.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

  1. In soup – Look past beef barley soup! Barley is a great addition to many soups. Here’s an Armenian-inspired recipe for a warm yogurt barley soup with paprika.
  2. Drink it! – Barley has been used in many drinks. Here’s a nutty Korean tea of barley, called boricha. Barley can also be made into a refreshing lemon barley water.
  3. In a beet salad – There’s something about the earthiness of beets and barley that suits them to one another. Here’s a hot pink salad with feta and red onion, and another with golden beets and rainbow chard.
  4. For breakfast – A little cooked barley with a splash of milk and some honey makes a nice change from the usual oatmeal.
  5. In a barley risotto – Try this cauliflower risotto from Gourmet; it’s an interesting change for risotto, which is usually made from rice.

Do you have a favorite soup, salad, or other dish that shows off barley?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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