5 Bouroughs Ice Cream

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Looking for inspiration for the Ice Cream Contest? Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to cool off. Either way, we just learned about a new ice cream company, local to NYC, called 5 Boroughs Ice Cream that might be of interest to you New Yorkers.

They buy many of their ingredients from local, independent vendors like Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery (Astoria, Queens) and Sahadi’s (Brooklyn).

In an updated-Ben-&-Jerry’s-funky-ingredient-combinations kind of way, they have some pretty interesting flavors:

Amaretto Amoré: Amaretto ice cream with toasted almond slices.
Bakla-Wha?!: Cinnamon, walnuts, and baklava chunks buried throughout “made in Astoria by hand at Victory Sweet Shop!”
Cha Cha Chocolate: Chocolate ice cream spiced up with a Chipotle/Habañero pepper blend, cinnamon, and scattered with semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Landfill: Vanilla ice cream with Bordeaux cherries, coated chocolate crunchies, brownie chunks, and a serious fudge swirl. “This is recycling everyone loves.”
SoHo: “Cappuccino ice cream with hazelnut biscotti and crushed espresso bean semi-sweet chocolate flakes. “Chock full of caffeine.”

You can buy 5 Bouroughs Ice Cream at these fine retailers.