Fishwife and Fly By Jing’s Smoked Salmon Is Our New Favorite Pantry Staple

published Apr 10, 2024
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Smoked Salmon with Sweet & Spicy Zhong
Credit: Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co.

Smoked salmon has always been a treat for me, ever since I was a little kid. My grandmother was from Finland, so we ate a ton of smoked fish whenever we visited her growing up. (If you’ve never had smoked trout, by the way, you’ve got some homework.) And since I’ve only ever lived in NYC and New Jersey, bagels with lox were a nonnegotiable staple of my weekend breakfasts. That’s why when I heard that Fly By Jing and Fishwife (two of our favorite DTC food brands here at The Kitchn) collaborated on a tinned smoked salmon, I jumped at the chance to give it a try. With gorgeous packaging, a long shelf life, and a unique, delicious flavor, I’m happy to say that the limited-edition Smoked Salmon with Sweet & Spicy Zhong will be a pantry staple of mine for the foreseeable future — at least until it sells out! 

What is the Smoked Salmon with Sweet & Spicy Zhong?

These tins meld Fishwife’s “caramelized, tender, and campfire-y smoked salmon” with Fly By Jing’s sweet, tangy, spicy and umami-rich Zhong sauce. They’re available in a three-pack, and the salmon is sourced directly from Kvarøy Arctic, the first finfish farm to carry the Fair Trade USA seal, and BAP, ASC, and Global G.A.P. certification, according to the site. The fish is smoked in small batches over a mix of beech, maple, and birch wood, before being handpacked and canned by a fifth-generation, family-run cannery on the central coast of Washington. The fish are also fed a sustainable, nutrient-rich diet and raised without antibiotics or chemicals. 

Credit: Ian Burke

Why I Love the Smoked Salmon with Sweet & Spicy Zhong

For me, having smoked salmon in the house that doesn’t go bad within a week like the grocery store stuff does is a huge plus. I love popping tinned fish in a sandwich, on toast, next to eggs, over rice, and in many more preparations, so knowing I have a tin of delicious and nutritious salmon in the pantry that’s ready to rock whenever I’m hungry but too lazy to actually cook something is awesome. Plus, the flavor and texture of this fish is top-tier — it has sort of a spicy, smokey, jerky-ish flavor, which is really nice in a salad or with some fried eggs. Just a heads up: This stuff doesn’t look like your average pink-orange smoked salmon you’d find in a supermarket, so don’t panic when you open the tin — just eat and enjoy. 

Buy: Smoked Salmon with Sweet & Spicy Zhong, 3-Pack, $39