First Thing or Not At All: When Do You Eat Breakfast?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It always surprises me when I find out someone is not a “breakfast person.” What’s not to love about a meal to get you going in the morning? Whether I’m running to a meeting or having a lazy Sunday, breakfast is usually the first to-do on my list, right before or after coffee. When do you usually eat in the morning?

I think the only time I ever go without eating within an hour or two of getting up is the rare occasion where I hit the gym before work. And even then, I grab a bite to eat as soon as I can. Usually I have to pace myself and eat at the office rather than at home, or I’ll need to fill in the gap with a mid-morning snack. For me, the saying that breakfast is the most important meal is absolutely true; without, at minimum, a handful of cereal, I feel sleepy all morning.

That being said, eating at the office limits my options somewhat. Although I’m lucky enough to work in a building with a cafeteria, for frugal reasons and to keep myself from eating a double chocolate chip muffin every morning, I usually eat dry cereal or microwave a cup of oatmeal. On weekends, however, my breakfast is usually a toasted everything bagel with veggie cream cheese from the deli on my block.

What’s your usual breakfast routine?

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