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I Can Finally Make the Perfect Cup of Loose Leaf Tea Thanks to This Easy-to-Use (and Super Stylish!) Teapot

published Feb 3, 2022
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For years, I have been trying to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea. I’ve gone through silicone and stainless steel tea infusers, only to end up with cups that are too weak or have tiny particles that sneak through the holes. While I use tea bags regularly, there’s something about opening aromatic loose leaf tea and carefully making it yourself that feels even more special. I loved the idea of entering a tea shop and buying a unique blend to bring home and try myself. All of my tea-making woes were finally solved when I came across this small, sleek teapot that not only makes delicious tea but also looks super elegant whenever I’m using it.

Meet the Small Teapot from Firebelly Tea, a stylish stoneware teapot that makes the perfect cup of tea every time. The brand is the latest project from David Segal, the founder of DAVIDsTEA, so you know that you’re in the best hands for all things tea-related (we already love their winter-ready Cold War Tea Sampler, for instance!). The pot comes with just four simple parts, including the teapot, lid, stainless steel filter, and a drip-proof spout. While functionality is obviously an important aspect, style was also highly considered as Firebelly brought in a designer to ensure that the end product that looks beautiful when sitting on your countertop or kitchen table.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

As soon as I opened my teapot, I knew it was the perfect time to finally use the giant box of loose leaf teas I’d gotten for Christmas. I started by trying a floral jasmine blend, and I was shocked by how well it turned out. The first tea I’d ever had in a tea shop in London when I lived there years ago was a delicate jasmine, and this cup tasted exactly like it. It had the perfect floral balance and wasn’t too weak like some other loose leaf teas I’d made before. Plus, it’s so easy to use: I typically scoop two teaspoons of loose leaf tea, then pour about 12 ounces of just off-boiling water inside, perfect for two small cups of tea. I also like that that I can keep the teapot on my desk until I’m ready for a refill.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

Additionally, both the spout and mesh filter are easily removable and just require a quick wipe. For the teapot, I typically rinse it with a little soap and water. Because it has a wide surface area inside, there aren’t any hard-to-clean nooks, and it isn’t too narrow for my hand. Even if you don’t want to use loose leaf tea, this pot is great for bagged tea as well. Instead of having to get up and make two cups of tea, I like to steep two bags inside and then keep the pot on my desk and refill my cup as needed.

What I truly love most about this teapot is that a simple cup of tea in the afternoon can instantly become an entire occasion thanks to its sleek design and simplicity. At $50, it’s a great gift for yourself or a fellow tea lover to explore so many delicious flavors.