Finishing Touch: 9 Ideas & Recipes for Oils to Drizzle Over Soup

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A finishing swirl of oil not only makes a humble bowl of soup look restaurant-worthy, it can also add a whole new dimension of flavor, taking a soup from so-so to spectacular. And while you can get creative, infusing oils with fresh herbs, toasted spices and even dried mushrooms, there are plenty of oils that taste special straight out of the bottle.

Here are a few of our favorite oils to drizzle over soups straight:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Use the best stuff you have, or try an unusual variant like smoked olive oil.
Walnut Oil: Toasty walnut oil is especially good on simple pureed vegetable soups.
Pumpkin Seed Oil: Deep green with a wonderfully nutty flavor, pumpkin seed oil would be great drizzled over a tomato or roasted red pepper soup.
Truffle Oil: Use this oil sparingly to add a little luxury to any soup.
Avocado Oil: Try a little of this subtly nutty oil drizzled on a creamy black bean soup.

And if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, below are a few recipes for infused oils.

Recipes to Try

What oils do you like to drizzle over soup?

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