Making Multitaskers of Unitaskers: Share Your Stories!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Bang Bang egg toaster. Bonus points for finding a second use for this! We all know of those pesky, overly-specific, unitasking kitchen tools. Juicer, egg slicer, garlic press; we’re looking at you. But what if a
second or even
third task could be found for those space-hogging culprits?

Here are a few ideas:

A panini press… can also grill vegetables.

A rice cooker… can also steam puddings or make overnight oatmeal.

A splatter guard… can also be used as a sifter or steamer (hmm, so does it replace the rice cooker?).

What ways have you found of making your unitaskers into multitaskers? Please share in the comments below!

(Image: Bang Bang egg toaster via Yanko Design)