Finding Cheap Food in San Francisco

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lately, consumers have been concerned about rising food prices, and with good reason. However, it’s not hopeless; good bargains are to be found! We’ve been paying attention to what things are costing and we’ve made a list of where to find some good deals in San Francisco.

Please feel free to add to this list.

Prices seen at the Alemany Farmer’s Market last week:

1 dozen organic brown eggs: $2.50
1 large bunch (.55 lb) fresh mint: $1
1 large bunch (.40/lb) fresh shiso: 75¢
Pomellos: 50¢ each
Quail eggs: 90¢ each or 6 for $5
Strawberries: $3/pint
Cilantro: 50¢ bunch (.55 lb)
Okra: $3/lb
Apples: $2/lb
6 pieces fresh lemongrass: 50¢
Sweet potatoes: $1/lb
Turnips: $1/lb
Snap peas: $1.50/lb
Portabellas: $3/lb
White button mushrooms: $3/lb
Asparagus: $2/bunch
Broccoli: $1/lb
Artichokes: $1/ea
Celery: $1.25/bunch
Oranges: 60¢/lb
Celery root: $1 each
1 head red leaf lettuce organic: $2
1 cardoon: $1
2 large Japanese eggplant: $1
2 bunches jumbo asparagus: $5

Elsewhere: Cherries are 79¢/lb at the Asian markets on Clement Street. Seafood at Sun Fat Seafood, Chinatown and Manila Market continues to be a steal. For good prices on meat and chicken, check out the butcher shops on Mission Street between 20th and 24th Streets, and on 24th Street between Folsom and Bryant.

(Image: Kathryn Hill)