This Is What Your Favorite Way to Eat Eggs Says About You

updated Jun 5, 2019
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Are you a wet scramble person or a dry scramble fan? Do you prefer your eggs poached, boiled with a runny center, or cooked until the yolk has a sulfurous green ring? Are you the one who orders shirred eggs at brunch, forcing the waitress, and your friends, to Google exactly what that means?

Find your go-to eggy bunch order on this list and see what it means about your personality.

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Sunny-Side Up

The iconic fried egg is assertive, brazen, and bold. The untouched jiggly yolk perched atop the firm egg white demands attention. This egg doesn’t mess around, it is what it is, and even so, it keeps you guessing just a little. People say the same things about you, which is just fine by you.

Over Easy

This is the starter egg for someone trying to get into the idea of a runny yolk. You don’t have to confront the yolk like you do with a sunny-side up egg, but you still get to sop it up with a piece of toast. We know your type: You hate commitment and you tend to double-book yourself every night on the weekend.

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The poached egg is kind of a miracle if you think about it. A liquidy mass (a raw egg!) takes on solid form in a liquid bath (boiling water!). You poached egg-eaters are mysterious in your own way and you always keep people guessing.

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Scrambled, Dry

A bit of softness in your scrambled eggs makes your tummy churn. You’re not satisfied until those eggs are sapped of all of their wetness. What does that tell us? You’re risk-averse. You are the sensible one of your friends and the only one in the group who actually understands their 401(k).

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Scrambled, Wet

Life is too short for you to worry about things like broken yolks, or just how much money you spend on coffee. You’re all for convenience, but don’t want to sacrifice pleasure in the process. You live a tad on the edge, but keep it practical all the same.

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Do you go for the overflowing Western or Denver-style omelet? You know, the kind with three cheeses, five eggs, diced ham, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. If so, you’re a carpe diem type, and you tend to go overboard sometimes. You’re the friend people call when they want to have a crazy, fun-filled night.

On the other end of the spectrum is the classic omelet — an elegant little envelope of egg, perhaps with a sprinkling of chopped herbs or a whisper of a cheese filling. If this is your omelet order, you show a remarkable propensity for restraint. You are the friend people call when they need logical advice.

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Who knew that shirred eggs are actually baked eggs? No one. Which means, you’re fancy! You’re also delicate and sensitive. You work best when things are just how you like them and you really thrive off positive reinforcement at the office.

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Hard-boiled eggs are like the banana of eggs — they come in their own wrapper, and are ready to peel and eat at a moment’s notice. You’re a person on the move, and the grab-and-go nature of these things are exactly your speed.

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You enjoy the simple things in life, and you’re willing to devote some time to them. Even if that means dipping little strips of bread into an egg perched in a tiny cup. The soft-boiled egg is elegant and so are you. Also, you might be British.

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What’s your go-to? And did we nail your personality?