Filling the Dishwasher: Do You Have a Strategy?

(Image credit: Flickr member zenobia_joy)

Our discussion the other day about the best way to wash dishes made us think about the strategy that also goes into filling the dishwasher – not to mention the tetris skills! To our mind, a well-packed dishwasher is a very satisfying event. What’s your method?

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment with a different kind of dish washer, and we’ve had to totally re-think our dishwasher-filling strategy. I kid you not, we’ve had actual discussions on bowls on the top shelf vs. bottom, how closely the sandwich containers can be crowded, and whether it’s ok to put small things under the big things.

Ultimately, we’ve landed on an agreed-upon strategy. Bowls, plates, and coffee mugs on bottom; small plates, glasses, plastic containers on top. Other random dishes usually fit in the gaps. It’s ok if the containers overlaps, but not too much. Most large mixing bowls get washed by hand since they take up too much real estate in the dishwasher and/or prevent other things from getting blasted by the jets of water. Phew!

Do you have a strategy for filling the dishwasher? Does everyone in your house follow the same approach?!

(Image: Flickr member zenobia_joy licensed under Creative Commons)