Fig Season is Here! Do You Like Figs Sweet…or Savory?

Fig season can be finnicky. Here in Seattle, figs often have a quick appearance in late June, disappear rapidly, and then come back for a real showing right about now, in mid- to late-August through early October. And around this time I’m bombarded with things I want to do with them, from savory chutneys to sweet galettes and salads. I generally buy more than I know what to do with out of pure excitement. Which begs the question: do you prefer sweet or savory recipes when it comes to fresh figs?

In a way, it’s a tough question because even in savory applications, figs bring the sweetness. They encourage the use of a little honey, they soften beautifully into cakes and muffins, and they add a welcome earthiness to more neutral flavors like vanilla or creme fraiche. But figs also hold their own in bold dishes amongst fish or chicken — even beef. Versatile, soft and sweet — they’re happy in both the sweet and savory worlds.

What’s your pleasure? What’s your favorite fig recipe?

Sweet Recipes:

Savory Recipes:

(Images: Megan Gordon)