Fickr Find: Smoked Asparagus Soup Vert

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If we weren’t going out to dinner tonight, we might celebrate Earth Day with a bowl of green soup made with local asparagus.

This photo from Flickr member Dayna McIsaac inspired us. It looks like spring, and it reminds us of how a very few ingredients can create a fully nourishing meal.

We’re not sure how the smoked flavor gets in there — perhaps by sautéeing the asparagus with a smoky ham hock or bacon? — but we do know that making a smooth vegetable soup is a piece of cake.

Follow our instructions for How To Make Soup from Almost Anything. With asparagus, we might add some heavy cream at the end.

Turns out we have quite a few green soups in our archives…

(Image: Flickr member Dayna McIsaac, licensed for use under Creative Commons)