Fennel Is the Key to Perfect Potato Leek Soup

(Image credit: Brooklyn Supper)

Potato leek soup is an old standby. A bowl of this rich, creamy soup is an instant comfort — a trusty classic you can turn to when you need something cozy to eat. Although it’s nearly perfect as is, this version kicks things up a notch with fennel.

While potato leek soup doesn’t typically contain fennel, I think the addition here is super smart, as it lends a subtle anise (or licorice) flavor. I also love how the recipe calls for all parts of the fennel. First, you sauté thinly sliced fennel bulb with the other soup ingredients, and then you garnish with the reserved fronds.

If you’re looking for a surefire hit for dinner tonight, this soup has you covered.

Get the Recipe: Potato, Leek, and Fennel Soup from Brooklyn Supper