I’m Low-Key Obsessed with These Self-Sealing Vacuum Containers

updated Apr 15, 2020
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Credit: Kitchn

If you value form and function in your kitchen — and let’s be real, who doesn’t? — you’re going to fall for these storage containers. Forgive me if I sound like an infomercial, but the love is real. I first encountered the Atmos Vacuum Container from Fellow Products at the tea lounge where I work. We purchased a set of them to store coffee beans and teas, but I quickly realized how useful they’d be in my own kitchen. Let’s take a look at what makes them so great.

Credit: Rochelle Bilow

1. The lids turn the canisters into a vacuum chamber.

In case you missed it, there’s a key word in the product: vacuum. The lid sucks the air out of the canister to prevent oxidation and therefore extends coffee’s shelf life (up to 50 percent, the company says). To actually create the seal, first make sure that there’s enough space between the top of the canister and the lid (don’t fill it all the way to the brim!). Place the top on and employ a little elbow grease, twisting it back and forth vigorously. As the vacuum activates, the lid will become more resistant to your pressure, letting you know that it’s working. A helpful little window on the top of the lid drops down to reveal a green lining; when that happens, it means the lid is fully sealed.

To open the container back up, just press the large button on the lid and enjoy the extremely satisfying sound of air pressure being released. Open and proceed. I’ve noticed that my coffee beans and tea leaves really do stay fresher, longer in these things.

2. They’re available in three different sizes and finishes.

There is something so satisfying about the aesthetic of matching containers in assorted sizes. I’m a fan of the 1.2-liter one, which holds 16 ounces of coffee beans, but these canisters also come in 0.7 and 0.4 liters (for 10 and 6 ounces, respectively). Note: The 0.4-liter size is fantastic for storing spices.

There are also three different finishes to choose from. I have the Atmos container in the oh-so-sleek black option, but it also comes in a soft white and a clear. The matte black and white options are made from colored, brushed stainless steel, and the clear is composed of borosilicate glass. (What’s borosilicate glass? Basically, it means that these containers are less prone to shattering under temperature extremes.) While I was tempted initially to go for the brightness of the white, I knew that in a kitchen like mine, it wouldn’t stay pristine for long.

The clear is also lovely. If you have open shelving in your kitchen and want to display your dried goods, coffee, and teas like a food museum, you’ll definitely want to go that route. (The clear is also fun if you want to watch the container suck the air out of a bunch of marshmallows. Just saying.)

3. They’re super easy to clean.

I was originally skeptical about these because I figured they’d be a nightmare to wash. But unlike other self-sealing containers with gaskets, there aren’t a zillion pieces to take apart and put back together. (Although you can take the gasket and filter out of the lid if you need to.) Just clean the lid and the canister with a damp non-abrasive sponge (mild dish soap is optional) and you’re done. Although Fellow doesn’t explicitly say so, I think it’s also good practice to dry it immediately with a towel, rather than letting it drain in your dish rack.

Credit: Rochelle Bilow

4. They look way more expensive than they are.

The largest, and most expensive, size will run you $30. Honestly, when I consider the fact that it keeps dried goods fresh for months (and really does result in a noticeable extension of my coffee beans’ shelf life), that’s a price I’ll happily pay. Buy them in a set, and you’ll save a bunch, too.

5. The company is so cool!

Forgive me while I nerd out on Fellow, but this is an indie brand that knows marketing and does it well. Their packaging is clever and sleek; their website is fun and easy to navigate; and, most importantly, their customer service team has always been helpful, easy to reach, and sweet. They’d get my vote, even if their products weren’t so sexy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some daydreaming to do about their gorgeous travel mugs.