This Is Amazing: Dinner in the Sky!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Looking for someone to host a special dinner for you and 22 friends? One Australian company specializes in these types of small dinner parties, with food prepared by top chefs right in front of you. Only thing is… this particular dinner will be held on a platform suspended 164 feet in the air.

Australian-based Events in the Sky is behind this jaw-dropping dinner venture, where guests are strapped into their dining chairs before being hoisted up into the sky for an evening under the (closer than ever) stars. The company has operations in 30 countries at this point, and they’re coming to Las Vegas this summer. (Cost: $290 per person.)

And oh, did I mention there’s no floor? Your feet dangle! (Seriously. My breath quickens just writing that. I can’t believe I used to like rollercoasters as a kid.)

I didn’t know whether to be enthralled or completely freaked out by these photos. I’m a little of both, but I have to think given the chance to have an open-air dinner in the sky, you’d have to take it, right? Who’s with me!?

(Images: Dinner in the Sky)