February: Party Desserts for a Crowd

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In honor of Valentine’s and in anticipation of spring’s wedding season rush, here’s a look at an upcoming February series. I recently helped cater the desserts for a friend’s wedding – another friend and I planned, shopped, cooked and served a range of bite-sized desserts for a crowd of about 100 people.

This was unexpectedly easy, low-stress, and most of all, cheap. We did discover many tips, hints, recipes, and budgeting and planning resources along the way.

Over the month of February I’m going to blog through them all! Hopefully if you’re planning a wedding, big party, or just a small get-together this winter you’ll find some tips, tricks, or inspiration.

Anyone here planning anything like that? Are there tips or resources that you’re looking for? Are there any specific resources you’d like to see on cooking for parties or big group events? Let us know and we’ll work it in.


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