Quarantine Cookies

At the end of this veryyyyyy long year, we’re craving ways to connect and share with our friends and family. One obvious answer? COOKIES. So we asked 16 of our baking heroes for their Cookie of 2020. Specifically, the perfect cookie that both sums up the year and would be an excellent gift to mail to a friend or drop off on their doorstep. So break out that giant bag of flour you bought back in March and embrace the sugar rush — you deserve it.

  • Project Leads

    Grace Elkus

    Carey Polis

  • Art & Design

    Margaret Lee

    Erin Wengrovius

  • Photo

    Ghazalle Badiozamani

    Sam Bolton

  • Food Styling

    Jesse Szewczyk

    Ben Weiner

  • Audience Growth

    Andrea Kaufman

    Rebecca Longshore

    Hollis Miller

    Caroline Schnapp

  • Development

    Vijay Nathan

    Tom Wise

  • Special Thanks

    Faith Durand

    Christine Gallary

    Tracey Gertler

    Lauren Kodiak

    Sheela Prakash