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The Hundred Recipes You Need Right Now

There are millions of recipes out there but you only need the best. We've cooked and tested recipes from all over to find the ones we love most for the year ahead. From Kitchn and beyond, meet the right recipes for right now.

Category IconWeeknight Dinners

The Baked Pasta

All-Star Baked Ziti

Looking for the comfort epitomized by lasagna and other baked pastas? This year, baked ziti is our weeknight comfort winner. Saucy, cheesy, and satisfying — but so much easier and quicker than traditional lasagna.

The Chicken Cutlet

Curried Chicken Schnitzel

If chicken cutlets aren’t in your fast-and-easy dinner weeknight rotation, let us convince you with this new and exciting take. Yogurt, spices, and mango chutney coleslaw make this quick and satisfying dinner one you’ll return to all year long.

The Pork Chop

Pan-Fried Pork Chops

Pork chops never go out of style, but this year we’re betting on this brown sugar-marinated chop bathed in garlicky brown butter. Brown butter makes everything a little better — even a pork chop.

The Chicken Thigh

Lemon-Thyme Chicken Thighs

Contrary to popular belief, the key to perfectly crispy chicken thighs isn't heating a pan until it's smokin' hot — it's starting with a cold one. As the skillet heats up, the chicken skin slowly renders until it gets ridiculously golden-brown and crispy. It's a technique you'll quickly memorize and can easily apply to other chicken thigh recipes in the year to come.

The Trader Joe's Hack

Warm Sesame Brussels Sprouts and Lentil Salad

Behold the best dinner hack (and the greatest trick to have up your sleeve in the 12 months ahead). Three beloved TJ's ingredients — shaved Brussels sprouts, ready-to-eat steamed lentils, creamy sesame dressing — and 10 minutes are all you need.

The Sheet Pan Dinner

Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies

Everyone needs one great sheet pan supper. This year, the one that wins is the staff favorite of roasted gnocchi. No need to pre-cook these packaged dumplings; just roast until crispy! There are infinite ways to dress up this dish (we’re partial to extra-creamy burrata), but start with this solid base recipe.

The Meatballs

Easy Herby Meatballs

The secret to easier meatballs: your blender. We recently learned the trick from contributor Jesse Szewczyk, and we're never looking back. Puréeing the aromatics with a bunch of herbs (almost any kind will do!) means you don't need to spend 30 minutes chopping — and the combination of rich meat and fresh herbs will make you rethink what meatballs can be.

The Weeknight Pasta

Crispy Skillet Ravioli

For the rest of this year and all of next, we're making a conscious effort to do fewer dishes. Less scrubbing, more relaxing, please. This recipe skips the pot of boiling water and gives ravioli the potsticker treatment: Sear, then steam. It's a delightful twist that comes together in one pan and adds more flavor, texture, and fun to each bite.

The Salmon

Broiled Salmon with Lemon, Herbs, and Mustard

This simple salmon recipe is quick enough for a weeknight (15 minutes start to finish!), but special enough for weekend dinner parties. The quick, high heat of the broiler sears the exterior of each grainy mustard-topped salmon fillet, while keeping the inside nice and juicy. After trying it once (which you should do, like, tonight), it'll be a star in your weekly rotation.

The One-Pot Dinner

Egg Roll Skillet

Inspired by egg roll filling, this simple supper comes together in a flash thanks to bagged coleslaw mix. It's shortcuts like these that we find ourselves craving more and more these days. "I turn to this recipe whenever I need something inexpensive, filled with veggies, quick, and tasty," says Production Editor, Tracey Gertler.

The Instant Pot Dinner

Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

It might be 2022, but Taco Tuesday is still going strong. And one of the best ways to celebrate getting past Monday is to toss some chicken breasts and salsa in the Instant Pot and let it do its thing. While the chicken cooks, make some creamy avocado sauce and set out your fixings. Talk about a weeknight win!

The Chili

The Best Vegetarian Chili

This veggie-packed chili will fill you up without emptying your wallet. The ingredient list leans on fresh veggies you likely already have in your kitchen plus affordable pantry staples: canned beans and corn, boxed stock, and dried spices. Eat it straight up, pile it onto baked potatoes, or spoon it over pasta with grated cheese, as contributor (and Cincinnati gal) Grace Elkus suggests.

The Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Lennys

Family dinners are starting to look different, with plant-based dishes moving to the middle of the plate. If you have vegetarian or vegan eaters in your life, or just want to eat more plants, we'd suggest this meatless take on an old-school sloppy Joe. Ali Slagle's recipe is easy, crowd-pleasing, and has the same savory-sweet, super-satisfying vibes as the sandwich many of us grew up with. Bonus: It also freezes well, making it great for meal prep.

The Soup

Chicken & Clunkers Soup

Know what we're craving now? Comfort food that comes together quickly — and this recipe does just that. This simpler take on contributor Lish Steiling's grandma's chicken and dumplings (clunkers = dumplings) leans on boxed broth and rotisserie chicken, then adds in some fresh veggies and plenty of dumplings that cook right in the broth. It's supremely cozy and comes together in under an hour.

Category IconSalads & Bowls

The Grain Bowl

The Ultimate Fall Salad

The way the flavors and textures of seared radicchio, roasted squash, farro, apple, and blue cheese mix and mingle earned this salad its "ultimate" title. Its roasty, toasty notes celebrate everything you love about autumn, but you can easily riff on the recipe to make it fit any season.

The Chopped Salad

Big, Beautiful Grilled Chicken Salad

We're all about efficiency in the kitchen. For this bright, bold salad, that means making a punchy marinade (lime juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, and olive oil) that doubles as the dressing.

The Caesar

Serious Eats' Best Caesar Salad

There were plenty of viral Caesar salad moments on TikTok in 2022, but none compare to this pretty classic recipe. Shockingly, our favorite part isn't the garlic-oil croutons (although they're pretty great) — it's the rich, creamy dressing that comes together in the food processor and can be made up to a week in advance.

The Celeb Salad

Jennifer Aniston's "Favorite" Salad

Although the Friends star has since debunked the myth of this viral grain salad, we still love it. It's loaded with feel-good ingredients (bulgur! Chickpeas! Cucumber!) and is easy to adjust to suit your lunchtime cravings.

The Caprese

Grilled Eggplant Caprese

Meet the caprese upgrade you never knew you needed. Adding grilled eggplant makes the pretty, layered salad hearty enough to be a meatless main, paired with nothing but good bread on the side to soak up that wonderful mix of tomato juices, olive oil, and balsamic that’s left behind on the plate.

The Pasta Salad

BLT Pasta Salad

Production Editor, Tracey Gertler, makes this pasta salad almost every week during the summer. Try the Greek yogurt and mayo dressing once, and you'll understand why. Not to mention, we're talking bacon plus pasta here.

The Salad Dressing

The New All-Purpose Vinaigrette

Every home should have a good go-to vinaigrette. For us, it's a 1:1 ratio of oil and vinegar for a brighter (and infinitely better) dressing that complements just about every salad green.

Category IconSides

The Brussels Sprouts

Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts

The absolute best and most delicious way to create crispy and deeply caramelized Brussels sprouts isn't high-heat roasting or even air-frying (gasp!): It's deep-frying. And, trust us — the process is easier than you'd think. Wanna gild the lily? Serve the Brussels with our Vietnamese fish sauce caramel.

The Sleeper Hit

Roasted Fennel

In our opinion, too few people get excited about fennel. In the oven, fennel's licorice flavor takes a back seat as the vegetable caramelizes into buttery, savory perfection. We predict you'll soon be eating it straight off the baking sheet, which is our favorite way to eat it.

The Corn

Cheesy Corn Garlic Bread

We never thought corn, frozen or fresh, would be our secret ingredient for better garlic bread, but here we are. For maximum corniness, you infuse butter with corn kernels, then add plenty of garlic. The corn butter goes on the bread with slices of fresh mozz. Bake until bubbly, dig in, and send us your thanks.

The Cabbage

Charred Cabbage Skillet Gratin

Humble cabbage gets a major glow-up in this hearty one-pan meal. Big wedges are baked in heavy cream until tender, then are showered with crispy bacon, blue cheese crumbles, and toasted walnuts.

The Green Beans

Green Beans with Garlic-Parmesan Breadcrumbs

You've likely sprinkled toasted breadcrumbs over pasta, so why not green beans? With Parmesan, garlic, and a splash of balsamic vinegar, these quick and easy green beans are anything but boring.

The Crispy Rice

Griddled Rice Cakes with Furikake

If you have sushi rice, you need to try these golden, crispy, toasty rice cakes. It's the perfect dish to use up leftovers. If you don't have sushi rice, we suggest you make a batch ASAP — this recipe is special.

The Carrots

Honey-Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots

Brown butter + garlic + honey = the dream team. In this recipe, the savory-sweet mixture doubles as a marinade and a glaze, ensuring these roasted carrots look as good as they taste.

The Broccoli

Crispy Air Fryer Broccoli

We could wax poetic about this recipe, or we could just share this quote from Contributing Food Editor, Patty Catalano: "Better than roasted broccoli. There. I said it." Out of all 100 amazing dishes, this will likely be the one you return to most.

The Quick Pantry Side

Southern Corn Pone

Old-fashioned corn pone is a Southern side dish that needs to be in your repertoire. The simple cornmeal cakes cook up crispy and delicious. Drizzle them with honey or maple syrup in the morning, or slather them with salted butter and serve alongside braised collard greens, Brunswick stew, or rich sausage gravy later in the day.

The Beans

Slow Cooker Frijoles de la Olla

Since 2020, making beans from scratch has been very en vogue. It's a trend we hope continues to pick up steam in the year ahead. These beans skip the overnight soak and go straight to the slow cooker. Make a big batch and use them to make refried beans or charro beans, which developer Vianney Rodriguez says is her ultimate "last meal."

Category IconPotatoes

The Air Fryer Potatoes

Old Bay Air Fryer Potato Wedges

The air fryer gets thick-cut potato wedges evenly golden-brown and crispy on the outside (the oven could never!) and fluffy on the inside. Ketchup is totally acceptable, but might we suggest sour cream and chives or chipotle mayo instead?

The Roasted Potatoes

Greek Lemon Potatoes

Senior Contributing Food Editor Sheela Prakash has made these lemony, melt-in-your-mouth potatoes at least a dozen times. They're that good. If you don't have yellow mustard (the surprise ingredient), do as Sheela does and swap in Dijon.

The Potato Salad

French-Inspired Potato Salad

In this salad Niçoise-inspired potato salad, we've replaced the mayo with two types of tangy mustard, a shocking amount of herbs, and just the right amount of ooh là là.

The Sweet Potatoes

Butter-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This technique for butter-roasted sweet potatoes (aka melting sweet potatoes) was popularized years ago by the blog Dessert for Two — and we're still obsessed. The butter caramelizes the exterior of the thick, sweet potato coins, while the insides remain ridiculously soft and buttery.

The Potato Casserole

Grandma Grace's Cheesy Potatoes

Grandma Grace’s cheesy potatoes is one of our most popular recipes from 2022 — further proof that grandmas really are the best cooks. Big chunks of potatoes are bathed in a rich cheese sauce, then baked with Ritz cracker crumbs on top. It's a crowd-pleaser and a must-make dish for any get-together.

The Stovetop Potatoes

Shweta in the Kitchen's Batata Bhaji
This is the flavorful comfort food Executive Editor, Adriana Velez's, Bombay-born husband grew up eating daily. Cubed potatoes are tossed into a pan of sizzling, popping mustard seeds with fresh garlic and ginger and spices. Serve alongside dal with chapati or paratha for the full carby experience.

The Smashed Potatoes

Hot Honey Smashed Potatoes

We've yet to meet a smashed potato we didn't like, but this version is extra special. The squished spuds are topped with a combo of melted butter, honey, hot sauce, and red pepper flakes for a sweet, spicy, savory side that goes with just about everything.

Category IconBreakfast & Brunch

The Scrambled Eggs

Brown Butter Soft Scrambled Eggs

One Saturday morning, contributor Lish Steiling left her butter in the pan for a little longer than she meant to — and brown butter scrambled eggs were born. We're grateful for that delicious happy accident and are even happier to share it with you, so we can all make our breakfasts better.

The Pancake

Fonio Pancakes

When it came to choosing the pancake recipe, we were torn between this recipe by Associate Food Editor Nicole Rufus and our ever-popular lofty buttermilk stack. Although the latter will never let you down, Nicole's is the recipe we urgently want everyone to make. Fonio, an ancient grain native to West Africa, has a slightly nutty flavor that lends itself well to pancakes. Plus, it makes them fluffy to the max.

The Dutch Baby

The Ultimate Strawberry Dutch Baby

Level up your Dutch baby game with butter-roasted strawberries and lemony sugar. The craggy, caramelized edges and the custardy center will haunt you until you inevitably make this recipe again next weekend.

The Waffles

Liège Waffles

Liège waffles are here for all of your very special weekend breakfasts. Made with a dough similar to brioche, the batter cooks up super thick and fluffy, but it's the pearl sugar inside the dough that creates breakfast magic. As the waffle cooks, the coarse sugar melts and caramelizes to create crunchy little pockets that make these waffles extra fun to eat.

The Breakfast Casserole

Make-Ahead Spinach and Feta Egg Casserole

Whether you're hosting family for the holidays or gathering friends for brunch, a make-ahead casserole is always a good idea. This recipe — which is packed with spinach, feta, and fresh dill — is giving serious spanakopita vibes.

The Sweet Roll

Spicy Sticky Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing

We learned in 2022 to pour heavy cream over a pan of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for Cinnabon-like results. And although it's a great time-saving hack, nothing compares to freshly baked, from-scratch sweet rolls. Warm and decadent, these spice-fragrant rolls have a crunchy sugar glaze on the bottom and creamy icing on top. All it takes (all it ever takes, really) is a little extra butter and a little extra sugar.

The Bacon

Oven Bacon

Yes, it's a recipe for bacon. Because it's that important. Unhand the skillet and use this simple, hassle-free oven method instead. Need more convincing? "Make it once or twice and you'll have this one down pat. It's totally foolproof and IMO there is no other way," says Senior Contributing Food Editor Kelli Foster.

The Fancy Egg

Persian Eggs

Borani esfenaj, a Persian yogurt dip with spinach and garlic, acts as the base for poached eggs in this picture-perfect breakfast dish. A drizzle of Aleppo-infused brown butter makes the dish seem extra fancy, but it's incredibly easy to make. Serve with plenty of crusty toasted bread for dipping.

The Breakfast Sandwich

Mantou Egg Sandwich

Studio Food Editor, Jessie YuChen's, idea of the perfect breakfast sandwich? A pillowy mantou bun, scrambled eggs (with lots of scallions!), a splash of savory soy paste, cheese, and pork floss.

The Omelet

“Inside-Out” Omelet

TikTok made us do it, and we've never been more grateful. The technique is ingenious: Melt shredded cheese directly in the pan before adding the eggs for frico-like deliciousness.

The French Toast

Hong Kong-Style French Toast

French toast is great, but you know what's better? This double-decker version inspired by what's served in Hong Kong street cafes. The classic is made with peanut butter-filled crustless bread which gets egg-battered and then deep-fried. When contributor Choya Johnson gave the viral recipe a try, he swapped in Nutella for the peanut butter and was a huge fan.

The Scone

Easy Chocolate Chip Scones

We think of these breakfast treats as the marriage of cream scones and chocolate chip cookies. And have we mentioned that they're also easy? Do as Senior Lifestyle Editor, Mara Weinraub, does and freeze the dough in wedges so you can bake them off individually when you want a freshly baked pastry.

The Ultimate Weekend Brunch

Huevos Rancheros

Lightly fried corn tortillas topped with refried beans and warm, runny fried eggs always hit the spot. This family recipe, shared by contributor Vianney Rodriguez, is an editor favorite. Although you can use any salsa you like, we strongly recommend making Vianney's ranchero salsa.

The Make-Ahead Weekday Staple

Early Bird Granola

Why is this granola SO GOOD? We think it's probably the 1/2 cup of olive oil. As contributor and Early Bird stan Jesse Szewczyk says, "This was, hands-down, the best granola I have ever had. The moment I mixed the olive oil into the oats I knew something special was happening. The olive oil, coconut, and maple syrup combine to create the most alluring scent imaginable." So go forth and granola!

Category IconWeekend Cooking

The Beef Stew

Instant Pot Bò Kho

Lemongrass, star anise, ginger, and cinnamon make this Vietnamese beef stew ultra-fragrant and ultra-comforting. You can add a side of fresh, crusty baguette (as is contributor Thao Thai's preference), or you can serve it over vermicelli or white rice. This dish only gets better the next day, as the flavors sit and marry.

The Mac & Cheese

Martha's Macaroni & Cheese

When Contributing Food Editor, Patty Catalano, tells you this is the only macaroni and cheese recipe you'll ever need, you listen. It's baked with an unapologetic amount of creamy cheese and an extra-crispy breadcrumb topping, so you won't need much convincing.

The Fancy Fish

Slow-Roasted White Fish with Caponata

Senior Contributing Food Editor Kelli Foster has made this veggie-packed slow-roasted fish dozens of times. Why is it on repeat at her house? The caponata-inspired jumble of eggplant, tomatoes, olives, capers, and raisins is incredible paired with the fish and the dish feels so impressive, but barely requires any effort. Sign us up!

The Stuffed Shells

French Onion Stuffed Shells

Will it French onion? You know we're gonna try! Last year we brought you this wildly popular French onion gnocchi skillet. This year, we present to you stuffed shells with a caramelized onion-ricotta filling, a Gruyère cheese sauce, and a cheesy breadcrumb topping. You're welcome.

The Burger

The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

With mustard-griddled buns (inspired by In-N-Out Burger), Thousand Island-style dressing, and crispy bacon, this cheeseburger is an easy 10/10 and proof that all the little details matter — from the type of bun to the way you cook the bacon.

The Veggie Burger

Jenny Rosenstrach’s Veggie Burgers

In the search for the perfect veggie burger, the struggle is real. Some lean too hard into one ingredient (beans, mushrooms), which affects both the flavor and texture. But this patty finds balance with a combination of rice, beans, mushrooms, and sweet potato. It's super savory, ever-so-slightly sweet, and supremely satisfying. Pro tip: Make a double batch so you can stash some in the freezer.

The Hot Dog

Salsa Macha Dog with Crushed Takis

This salsa macha hot dog was love at first taste for Senior Recipe Editor, Amelia Rampe. No detail was spared when putting this one together: The dog is cross-hatched to create more grooves for catching the roasty-sweet salsa, tomatoes add a juicy freshness, and then a generous amount of Takis crumbs (preferably Fuego flavor) are piled on top to complete this flavor and texture bomb.

The Party Main

Slow Cooker Peach Carnitas

The next time you're hosting, make your slow cooker do all the work. These easy carnitas feed a crowd, can be made ahead (and frozen!), and are perfect for tacos, salads, nachos, and quesadillas. Slow-cooking the pork with a peach adds a subtle sweetness, and the peachy theme continues with a fresh peach salsa that you whip up just before serving the tacos.

The Meatloaf

50/50 Sheet Pan Meatloaf

Now's the time to start working more veggies into your meals wherever you can. A great place to start? This twist on the classic that's 50% meat, 50% vegetables — and 100% delicious. Umami-packed ingredients like mushrooms, Worcestershire, and doenjang bump up the savory flavor in the meatloaf; grape jelly is the secret ingredient to the shiny, savory-sweet glaze. Plus, there's a clever trick for keeping the glaze from spilling and burning on the pan.

The Risotto

Baked Barley Risotto with Spinach & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

There are a few things that make this recipe a standout: Toothsome pearl barley, which is commonly used to make risotto in northeastern Italy, stands in for the rice; sun-dried tomato broth delivers big, savory flavor; and the baked method lets the oven do most of the work.

The Skewer

Nutty, Spicy Beef Suya

Suya is both the name of these spicy grilled skewers and the name of the spice mix — a combo of ground roasted peanuts, ginger, garlic, onion powder, cayenne, and paprika — that coats the meat. Associate Food Editor, Nicole Rufus', recipe was inspired by West African suya skewers, which are one of her favorite foods. Just one bite and you'll understand why.

The Weekend Project

Cheeseburger Dumplings

Untraditional in every way, these cheeseburger dumplings combine the best of two worlds: delicate dumplings and juicy cheeseburgers, complete with special sauce. Pan-searing the dumplings crisps up the bottoms and creates some lacy edges, similar to what you get with the best smash burgers.

The Casserole

Sushi Bake

A Hawaiian potluck staple, sushi bake takes your favorite sushi ingredients and casserole-izes them. Here, in an homage to California rolls, sushi rice is baked with a layer of creamy crab. The casserole is topped with avocado and cucumber, then served on crispy nori squares.

The Sunday Sauce

Marcella's Bolognese

Many claim that Marcella Hazan's Bolognese is the only Bolognese worth making, and we're here to tell you that the hype is real. There are no secret ingredients here — it's mainly aromatics, meat, and milk — but Marcella always brings the magic, making simple food somehow taste much greater than the sum of its parts. Cancel your Sunday plans: You've got sauce to simmer.

The Roast Chicken

Zuni Roast Chicken

Not to be dramatic, but this recipe, adapted fromThe Zuni Cafe Cookbook, is one of the best roast chickens you'll ever eat. It's involved — you'll need to salt the chicken days ahead and flip it a few times during roasting — but the extra TLC is worth it when you taste the crispy skin, the deeply flavored meat, and the bread salad that's tossed in the incredible pan drippings.

Category IconAppetizers & Snacks

The Deviled Egg

Togarashi Deviled Eggs

If you don't have a bottle of Kewpie mayo in your fridge, this is your sign to remedy that ASAP. The Japanese mayo, a touch of honey, and a sprinkling of savory-spicy togarashi take this classic starter from good to eggs-ellent. These simple swaps add a depth to the eggs that you can't quite put your finger on, which is the perfect excuse to go back for seconds. Research!

The Wings

Lemon Pepper Baked Chicken Wings

The not-so-secret key to the crispiest oven-baked wings: baking powder. We love this recipe as is, with a simple but flavorful lemon-pepper seasoning, but swapping in your favorite spice blend (think: Cajun seasoning, za'atar, or curry powder) is also highly encouraged.

The Cheesy Dip

Korean Corn Cheese Dip

Inspired by Korean corn cheese, this dip relies mostly on pantry ingredients and comes together in less than 30 minutes. Chopped scallions add freshness, pickled jalapeños bring a hum of heat, and a combo of mayo and mozz provide the creamy cheesiness.

The Creamy Dip

Smoky Avocado Mutabal

Mutabal, a staple dip in the Arab world, is most commonly made with eggplant. Here, chef Mohammad Abutaha does a version of avocado mutabal with bursts of lime. "Even without the smoking (which I skip), this creamy, savory dip is good enough to eat with a spoon," says Executive Editor, Adriana Velez.

The Happy-Hour Snack

Ina's Puff Pastry Batons

If Coastal Grandmother summer taught us anything, it was that we should have puff pastry stashed in our freezer so we're cocktail-hour ready at all times. These delightfully simple puff pastry snacks from Coastal Grandmother icon, Ina Garten, are easy to prep and feature a generous layer of Dijon and showering of grated Gruyère and Parmesan that you measure with your heart. And, as Senior Contributing Food Editor and pastry-baton fan Sheela Prakash can attest, they're wildly good with happy-hour drinks.

The Nachos

Okonomiyaki Nachos

Inspired by the ever-versatile Japanese pancake, this umami-packed snack by Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine Lee, checks all the nacho boxes. There's cheese (cheddar and Monterey Jack), crunch (sautéed cabbage), protein (shrimp), heat (shichimi togarashi), and fun toppings (tonkatsu sauce, Kewpie mayo, and bonito flakes).

The Jalapeño Popper

Dynamite Lumpia

These Filipino-style jalapeño poppers are stuffed with ground pork and cheese and wrapped in lumpia wrappers, which get shatteringly crispy when you fry them up.

The Bar Snack

Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower

We know, we know: You've seen Buffalo-flavored air-fried cauliflower before. But does your recipe prompt you to toss the sauced cauliflower in a garlicky mix of flour and cornstarch, thus creating an irresistibly crunchy coating? We rest our case.

The Easy Crowd-Pleaser

The Ultimate Charcuterie Board

This is more of a guide than a recipe, but let Food Editor-at-Large, Christine Gallary, take you step-by-step through your next charcuterie board build. We guarantee your snack spread will be better for it.

The Super-Quick Dip

Dad’s Blender Salsa Fresca

This amazing four-ingredient recipe (from Executive Editor, Adriana Velez's, dad!) comes together in 15 minutes from start to finish. The just-chunky-enough salsa is a natural with tortilla chips, of course, but you're going to want to have it in the fridge for spooning over eggs and tacos, too.

Category IconDesserts

The Brownie

Pantry Cocoa Brownies

Falling somewhere in the magical in-between state of fudgy and chewy, these pantry cocoa brownies are a forever favorite with this team. The secret to this Goldilocks-esque brownie magic? Blooming cocoa in warm water.

The Blondie

Apple Cider Doughnut Blondies

Pumpkin spice is nice, but when sweater weather sets in, we're more of an apple cider crew. This doughnut-inspired treat infuses blondies with bold apple flavor by boiling apple cider down until it's thick and syrupy, which is an extra step that's infinitely easier than frying dough.

The Peanut Butter Cookie

Ovenly Peanut Butter Cookies

These perfectly round, flaky, salt-sprinkled peanut butter cookies from Brooklyn, New York's Ovenly bakery have a cult following. And after making them once, you, too, will believe the hype. The five-ingredient, one-bowl, surprisingly gluten-free treats come together quickly — and will disappear even faster.

The Rice Krispies Treat

Honey Butter Rice Krispies Tteok Treats

Recipe Production Coordinator, Justine Lee, took Rice Krispies treats and made the recipe fully her own. She nixed the marshmallows and used honey butter instead, then she sandwiched two layers of treats with sweet, bouncy tteok. The snack teeter-totters between crispy and chewy and is 100% delightful.

The Cheesecake

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Calling all chocolate-lovers! This surprisingly straightforward cheesecake has a chocolate cookie crust, creamy chocolate cheesecake filling, and a chocolate ganache topping. But our favorite part? It skips the drama of a water bath and still turns out gorgeous.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Smitten Kitchen's Consummate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone has a different definition of *the perfect* chocolate chip cookie. These are Recipe Director, Lauren Miyashiro's. They're crispy around the edges and simultaneously chewy and fudgy in the center. Plus, they're GIANT.

The Birthday Cake

Molly Yeh's Sprinkle Cake

If you're going to go to the trouble of making Funfetti cake from scratch, use Molly Yeh's recipe. Of all the sprinkle cakes we tested, it's the only one that truly captures (and improves upon) the nostalgic flavor of the beloved boxed cake mix. Her secret ingredients? A combination of clear vanilla extract plus almond extract.

The Carrot Cake

A Cozy Kitchen's Mini Carrot Cake

Sometimes you want a smaller, simpler sweet. And for those moments, you need this carrot cake. The tender, perfectly spiced cake comes together easily, and once it cools it's time for the star of the show: the brown butter cream cheese frosting. Put this out at the end of dinner and we guarantee there won't be a crumb left.

The Potluck Dessert

No-Bake Sheet Pan Lemon Yogurt Tart

This all-star potluck tart is widely adored by Kitchn editors. It's cool and creamy and serves up to 24 people. To keep things extra easy, we recommend Cool Whip (which has riled up some readers in the past). But freshly whipped cream will, of course, taste fantastic, too.

The 5-Minute Dessert

Sicilian Ice Cream Sandwiches

One of our favorite party tricks? These ice cream sandwiches. All you need is gelato and buttery, toasted brioche buns. Put the two together and watch your guests' faces immediately light up.

The Crumble

Orangette's Plum Crumble
Editor-in-Chief, Faith Durand's, ride-or-die crumble and crisp topping includes an ingredient you won't find in most other recipes: beaten egg. Don't wait until plum season to try it. Sprinkle it over whatever's in season.

Category IconBread

The Biscuit

Butter Biscuits

Biscuits that come together in just one bowl, don’t require any fancy techniques, and come out pillowy every single time? It sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Turns out the key to flaky, from-scratch perfection is baking a shaggy dough atop a full stick of melted butter.

The Challah

Round Dukkah Challah

This fluffy and tender loaf from contributor Stephanie Ganz is the result of many challah trials spanning years and years. Stephanie likes to top the bread with dukkah, a crunchy, spice-tinged seed-and-nut blend that hails from Egypt and the Middle East. And although she says it's optional, we politely disagree. It adds an irresistible savory crunch that's not to be missed!

The Milk Bread

Kristina Cho's Milk Bread

If you want to make Japanese-style egg salad sandos, you need a bread with bounce, aka milk bread. Like any top-notch milk bread, this recipe from Kristina Cho begins with the tangzhong, a moisture-locking concentration of flour and liquid that comes together like a roux. It makes the loaf extra-soft and keeps it from going stale, which shouldn't be a problem anyway, considering how quickly the loaf is bound to disappear.

The Dinner Roll

Cast Iron Pandesal Pull-Apart Bread

The French have baguettes, Italians have ciabatta, and Filipinos have pandesal. This pull-apart version from contributor Yana Gilbuena is based on the one her lola (Filipino for "grandma") used to make. You can serve it alongside eggs, dip it in coffee (like Yana's lola), eat it with soup, or even stuff it with ice cream. Bottom line: There's not a time when pandesal doesn't work.

The Focaccia

Samin Nosrat’s Ligurian Focaccia

The first time Associate Food Editor, Nicole Rufus, saw Ligurian focaccia being made on the Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, she gasped. To the unfamiliar, the process of brining the dough (with a saltwater brine) can be jarring. Is it supposed to look that wet? But trust the process. The brine imparts such an unbelievable amount of flavor that adding an aromatic like rosemary is 100% unnecessary.

The Tortilla

Quesadilla de Quelite y Champiñón

Nothing, and we mean nothing, compares to a freshly made maíz tortilla. Contributor Alex Cardenas breaks down the process step by step, giving you tons of tips along the way: new shape options, how to make them wihout a tortilla press, and more. Her beautiful blue corn tortillas are an integral part of her mushroom and purslane quesadillas, and after making the recipe once we're confident you'll be DIYing your tortillas much more often.

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The Martini

Bonnie's MSG Martini
At Bonnie's in Brooklyn, New York, there's no mystery as to why the Martini is so good. It's right there in the name: The MSG Martini. The flavor-enhancer goes into the olive brine, making it extra savory. The restaurant is tight-lipped on the exact proportions of the brine, but this at-home version is pretty close to the real deal.

The Margarita

Ultimate Blender Margaritas

For a restaurant-quality frozen margarita at home, look no further than your freezer. This recipe relies on a limeade concentrate that you portion into ice-cube trays. With a batch of limey cubes in the freezer, happy hour is just minutes away — toss some limeade cubes, tequila, and ice in the blender and give it a whirl. Cheers!

The Zero-Proof Cocktail

The Bright & Bitter

This drink is a bracing blend of fresh juices — lime, lemon, orange, and cranberry — hence the bright of the title. The bitter comes in with non-alcoholic bitters which lend spice and an aromatic depth that is usually associated with grown-up cocktails, not kiddie cocktails.

The Winter Cocktail

Classic Hot Toddies

Sometimes simple is the way to go, like in this classic version of the warming cocktail. It's just lemon, honey, water, and bourbon, but it always hits the spot. We do encourage you to get creative with the garnishes, though: Lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, and star anise pods look great and add a little aromatherapy, too.

The Summer Cooler

Agua de Sandia

There are many different kinds of aguas frescas, but for Executive Editor, Adriana Velez, agua de sandia rules them all. It's as easy as blending watermelon with water, simple syrup, and lime juice. Strain the mixture through a sieve, give it a chill (or grab some ice), then drink up. Once you make it, feel free to make it your own by adding mint, bubbly water, or the booze of your choice.

The Smoothie

Blueberry-Banana Smoothies with Cinnamon

Frozen blueberries and bananas team up in this stunning smoothie. To bump up the sweetness a bit, we tossed in a date and then sprinkled in some flax seeds for your wellness. A pinch of cinnamon adds a subtle hint of warmth and a little salt brings it all together.


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