F.D.A Proposes Two New Rules To Stop Food Contamination

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On Friday the Food and Drug Administration proposed two new rules in response to recent years’ food contamination catastrophes. The new rules aim to help prevent contamination in the first place in both produce and processed foods.

According to The New York Times, the first rule requires processed food manufacturers to develop and implement ways to reduce the risk of contamination. For example, this might mean roasting raw peanuts at temperatures high enough to kill salmonella. The second rule aims to combat bacterial contamination from E. coli in fruits and vegetables, and would address the “four Ws” — water, waste, workers and wildlife. For example, “a farm or plant where vegetables are packaged might, for example, add lavatories to ensure that workers do not urinate in fields and post signs similar to those in restaurants that remind employees to wash their hands.”

If these new rules were put in place, the F.D.A says it could prevent 1.75 million illnesses each year.