The Most Crucial Organizing Must-Haves, According to Our Readers

published Apr 25, 2018
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Getting the kitchen organized is an ongoing struggle for most of us. Whether it’s a lack of space, too much stuff, or systems that aren’t working for whatever reason, it’s easy for those kitchen tools and pantry items to get out of control. We pretty much all need help!

So we asked you, our wonderful readers, what organizing tools have helped you out the most. Here’s what you told us.

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For freeing up drawer space …

“Use glass jars to create cutlery and utensil storage.”

“I have a wall-mounted knife rack and a small jar to keep my most used kitchen utensils in— probably a no brainer!”

“I use pretty containers with lids that can be out without looking cluttered. I have baking tools in vintage tins, snacks in a basket on top of the fridge, so they aren’t taking up drawer space.”

And making your drawers better …

“I use those foamy non-skid drawer liners. Stuff doesn’t slide around and it says organized.”

For getting the most out of cabinets …

Lazy Susans for spices and a magazine holder for cutting boards.”

“I use wall-mounted spice organizers on the insides of my cabinets!”

“I use suction cup hooks on the inside of doors to store my pan lids and pull-out drawers everywhere instead of shelves.”

“I put Command Hooks inside the doors of my pots and pans cabinets to hold all the lids! Lid storage can be so awkward but this was the best solution I’ve ever found.”

“I have a lot of risers in my cupboards so I can stack things! you can get them for cheap at the dollar store.”

For utilizing your wall space …

Pegboards like Julia Child’s!”

“I use IKEA’s kitchen wall rail with hooks!”

Spice racks from World Market that can be installed on the wall. Not only makes for cute eclectic decor, but I am addicted to the convenience now! So easy to see and grab my spices.”

“I hang pots on wall hooks and use a magnetic knife strip.”

“I just got some wall mounted, very simple yet pretty spice shelves to free up a bit of cabinet space, as well as two large floating shelves for some of my dry goods to be displayed in jars.”

“I have virtually no counter or drawer space so we hang mugs, pots, and cutting boards on the walls. 3M hooks come in nickel and bronze finishes for nicer designed look.”

For storing food …

Mason jars!’

“I use Click Clack storage containers for stacking and storing.”

“I use OXO storage containers for baking items, dry pantry goods, etc. Stacking is key!”

For adding storage in other places …

“I got a hutch on Craigslist recently and it changed my whole life (put it in the living or dining area if it’s a galley kitchen). The glass doors protect pretty stuff from getting dusty, drawers and cabinets add much needed storage.”

“Use the oven as a storage for pots and pans.”

“Use over-the-door baskets to store things like foil and cling wrap as well as cleaning supplies.”

“Try a pot rack hanging from the ceiling!”

“Our pot tower has a surprisingly small footprint and holds lots of extra things with S-hooks.”

“In my last kitchen (with ZERO drawers), I repurposed a nightstand and slid it under a counter for more storage and to hold silverware.”

And, when absolutely necessary, call in the ultimate back-up …

“My organizing must-have is my mother.”

What are some other organizing tools you can’t live without? Add them in the comments below!