Faux? Fuh? Watch This Video & Never Mispronounce “Pho” Again

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s a delicate business, correcting a friend’s mispronunciation of phở, that delicious Vietnamese noodle soup with the deceptive-looking name. Make it easy on yourself and just forward them this hilarious and memorable video. It’s the phở PSA the world has been waiting for. (And if you’re the one who has been wondering if you’re saying it wrong, it’s even more helpful.)

Made by the New York City Vietnamese restaurant An Choi, the video make a clear distinction between “fuh,” the natural, made-from-scratch noodle soup that fills your belly, and “faux,” the artificially-colored, fake products (and artificially-colored, fake people!) in the world.

Watch and never forget.

(Image: An Choi/Vimeo)