26 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for $50 or Less

updated May 11, 2023
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How do you thank your dad for a childhood full of weekend pancakes, summer barbecues, and super-fun trips to the grocery store in one little gift? Well, you kind of can’t — but you can come pretty darn close with a great Father’s Day gift. And, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to shell out a ton of money to find a gift that’s sure to make a big impact (and not end up regifted to you at the end of the year). Below we rounded up 26 of the best Father’s Day gifts under $50 — although they all seem way more expensive — and they’re as unique and special as your very own dad. Here’s to all the dads who get a kick out of cooking, grilling, and just throwing down in the kitchen.

Have an affordable gift that was a hit with your dad? Tell us all about your favorite Father’s Day gifts in the comments below!

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Whether or not your dad already loves cooking on a Himalayan salt block, he’ll get a kick out of this poultry cone. Unlike other chicken roasters, which often depend on a can of beer, this one has a chunky piece of pink salt. As the chicken cooks, the salt imparts all sorts of savory flavors into the bird — and it can be used over and over again.

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Harry & David

Your dad is no jerk, but he might be a jerky fan. Gift him this luxe Harry & David jerky set that comes complete with Burgers’ Smokehouse pepperoni snack sticks, Burgers’ Smokehouse beef sausage sticks, uncured Landjaeger jerky, teriyaki beef jerky, and a bottle of hot and sweet beer mustard.

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We'll go ahead and say it: The Owala Water Bottle is this year's hottest insulated water bottle. Featuring a patented spout that allows you to drink in two ways, you can either quench your thirst through the built-in straw or through the wide-mouth opening, giving you the option to sip or swig. So if your dad's a sucker for a good water bottle, add the Owala to his collection.

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Uncommon Goods

For the dad who enjoys a good pun and a music reference, he's sure to get a kick out of these coasters that feature some hilarious mistaken lyrics. You'll both get a kick out of figuring out the songs.

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Because Millennium Falcon waffles are always better than regular waffles. Full stop.

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Uncommon Goods

Help your dad keeps his favorite beers well-organized with these magnetic strips. All he has to do is attach them to his fridge's ceiling using the included self-adhesive backing and he'll create space beneath hanging bottles where he can store short food containers. These organizers also prevent your bottles from ever falling over and breaking and take up zero room when they're not in use.

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was $53.00

When he's ready to pop a cold one open, make sure he's got the right glass to imbibe in with this beer-tasting glass kit. The custom shapes of these glasses will help deliver complex aromas and enhance the texture, balance, and flavor of your dad's favorite beers.

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Some dads can just do everything. If that describes your dad, he might like tinkering with (and quickly mastering) this kombucha brewing kit that'll have him whipping up his own blend in no time.

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was $45.00

Is your dad a veggie guy? Get him this vegetable-centric book by José Andrés and Matt Goulding. Promoters say it “will transform how we think about — and eat — the vast universe of vegetables.” And with recipes for a Smashed Cucumber Salad, Dancing Eggplant, and Tomato Tartar, we can see why.

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Not exactly food- or cooking-related, this wood game will help your dad entertain his friends and family during any upcoming weekend barbecues. Trust us — it’s way more fun than cornhole and can still be played with a beer in hand.

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East Fork

If we're being totally honest, there's no one who wouldn't enjoy receiving a large, chip-proof mug, regardless of whether they're a big coffee drinker or not. But if your dad is someone who can't go a day without a brew, this mug and its 12-ounce capacity is perfect for all-day sipping, and its stylish, handmade design will look right at home atop his table.

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Driftaway Coffee

Every coffee-loving dad needs a Driftaway Coffee Subscription. Each subscription starts with an “Explorer Kit” of four coffees from around the world, which he then rates online. His ongoing deliveries will then be catered to his tastes. These boxes are seriously customizable, with choices for just about every type of coffee for every type of machine, and can be purchased in three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions.

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Williams Sonoma

These high-tech canisters are another must for coffee-loving dads. The lids twist back and forth to suck out air and prevent oxidation of the enclosed beans/grounds. Actually, these canisters work with cookies, candy, and more, so keep that in mind!

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If your dad loves his cast-iron skillet, consider getting this stainless-steel fry pan to help him expand his arsenal. It’s super sturdy and incredibly efficient. Tell your dad to give it a whirl with some salmon fillets, or when he wants to caramelize onions or fry some eggs.

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West Elm

We know, whiskey glasses for Dad? Groundbreaking. However, these Schott Zweisel glasses are a top-notch pick fit for any drink (as well as a personal favorite that was a hit with my father just this last year.) Made of Tritan crystal glass, they feature a "dancing" design that's chic and super fun to entertain with.

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Fly by Jing

We love putting the cult-favorite Sichuan Chili Crisp on everything from rice bowls, to eggs, to ice cream (really!) — and so will your dad. It adds a kick to whatever you're eating but isn't too intense to enjoy. It's always good to keep a jar of this stuff within reach.

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was $59.99

With warm weather get-togethers finally back, this iced tea coffee and tea maker from HomeCraft is bound to come in handy. From cool morning treats to the perfect pitcher of sweet tea for your barbeque, this drink system may just become Dad's new warm-weather go-to.

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Uncommon Goods

Is your dad a fan of kabobs? Then we have the perfect gift: kabob grill baskets. Designed to take the pain and mess out of kabob-making, these baskets are easy to use, easy to flip, and — best of all — ensure no food gets lost below the grill grate.

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was $35.99

If your dad is like mine, he's always getting up for a glass of water in the middle of the night. Bring the convenience of a midnight drink with this chic water carafe. Available in a host of colors, it's sure to become his next treasured nightstand essential.

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Williams Sonoma

This kit will give Dad everything he needs — two spice mixes and four vintage-style glass bottles — to make his own spicy concoctions in style. A funnel and strainer are also included in the cute gift box.

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Uncommon Goods

Smores and singalongs are never more than a few minutes away with this fun portable fire pit from Uncommon Goods! Made from soy wax and paper, both recycled, it's easier on the environment than wood fires and can be used everywhere from your backyard to camping trips.

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was $37.50

Claire Saffitz is the queen of baking, so your dad definitely needs this book if he's the self-professed king. Filled with 100 delicious recipes, he may just be tempted to bake you up something as a thank you.

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Uncommon Goods

A pizza oven can cost a pretty penny, but if dad's already got a grill he loves we've got the perfect workaround: a personal pizza grill. All he has to do is assemble a pizza of his choice, pop it inside this mini oven on the grill (just be sure he leaves the lid on), and in 10 minutes he'll have a delicious homemade pie he may even share with you.

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Make grilling easier and less messy with these steel panels that fit over the existing grates on any gas, charcoal, or wooden grill or smoker. They prevent food bits from falling to the bottom of the grill and provide an even cooking surface that's easy to keep clean because they can be removed and cleaned when the grilling's over.

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Uncommon Goods

With this at-home alcohol infusion kit, Dad can put a fun (and customized) twist on his favorite spirits. The kit includes five bottles with infusion ingredients already inside. Just add liquor, wait at least a week, and regular whiskey, vodka, and tequila will be transformed into new flavors that can bring a fun spark to any home bar.

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Help keep Dad's chilled drinks at a refreshingly cool temperature with this set of double-wall glasses. They're built to insulate beverages from external temperatures and their shiny, prism-cut interiors make drinks sparkle in the sun. No doubt, these are perfect for outdoors sipping.