The One Ingredient I Exclusively Buy at My Local Farmers Market

published Dec 27, 2021
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Woman paying through credit card to male vendor at market stall
Credit: Getty Images/ Maskot

With the temperatures dipping very low in many parts of the country, it may seem as though people are more likely to stay inside. But in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, I often see people out and about, braving the chill … to visit some local farmers markets. I know I was out last Saturday afternoon; I had to go see my favorite farmers!

Credit: Hoang Samuelson

On this particular Saturday, I visited Pine Mountain Buffalo Ranch and Happy Harvest Farms LLC, located in Bend, Oregon, and Mt. Angel, Oregon, respectively, and spoke with the farmers about how long they’ve been farming, what the best part about farming is, and what challenges have they faced during the pandemic. Both, along with other vendors at the Hollywood Farmers Market, were earnest and eager to tell me about their experiences. They’re still around, as they say, and don’t plan on going anywhere. 

Credit: Hoang Samuelson

As usual, I left with two containers of farmers market eggs and later had the eggs as part of my standard breakfast. For the sake of this story, I did a comparison with store-bought eggs and, right away, could tell the difference between the two. Farmers market eggs, in addition to traveling a shorter distance from the farmer to buyer, are also more spongy in texture, with a savory aftertaste that lingers in your mouth.

There’s also the joy of finding different-colored eggs in each container. My two egg cartons included a variety of beige, white, and brown colored eggs. Farmers market eggs are said to have less cholesterol and less saturated fat, both of which are important in maintaining a healthy diet, but for me, the importance of supporting local businesses is what truly matters.

Credit: Hoang Samuelson

Several months ago, I made a personal decision to stop eating red and processed meats, like bacon, and replaced them with eggs as my main source of protein for breakfast. With the issues of climate change being front and center nowadays, it’s important for me to know where my food comes from. Buying and eating farmers market eggs several times a month is a small step, but it’s the least I can do.

What’s the one item you always buy at the farmers market? Let us know in the comments!