Farm to Folk: A CSA Connection In Ames, Iowa

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For those of you living in or around Ames, Iowa and looking for a CSA, here’s one option: Farm to Folk.

Farm to Folk is a group that connects local, sustainable, and organic farmers to customers in Ames, Iowa. Memberships with Farm to Folk mean that instead of buying your produce, meat, and dairy from separate farmers, you get items from these different farmers in one delivery. Currently, Farm to Folk’s participating farmers include Grains of Wisdom, Small Potatoes Farm, Picket Fence Creamery, and Berry Patch Farm, to name a few.

Members have the choice of purchasing CSA shares or selecting items a la carte. Members can also purchase non-food items such as locally-produced artisan crafts such as handwoven rugs and beeswax candles.