Wish You Had a Dishwasher? This Countertop Model Is “Life Changing,” According to Amazon Reviewers

updated Sep 9, 2020
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Here’s a universal truth about kitchens: When the words charming and cozy are used as descriptors, that’s usually code for tiny — which means no dishwasher. And while hand-washing a few dishes is no big deal under normal circumstances, many of us are doing a lot more cooking at home, and things can (literally) pile up quickly. If you’re one of the unlucky many who wishes they had a dishwasher, there’s good news — you don’t need to move! Because if you’ve got space for a drying rack, you could replace it with Farberware’s genius, compact countertop dishwasher. With a solid 4.3-star rating on Amazon, it’s incredibly easy to use, quiet, compact, and “life-changing,” according to the glowing reviews.

Measuring roughly 17 inches in all directions, the dishwasher has a surprisingly small footprint but can clean a variety of glasses, water bottles, utensils, and dishes as large as 12 inches in diameter. An intuitive LED display shows the water temperature, time, and washing cycles, while a sleek transparent door lets you view the action. Depending on what you’re washing, the rack will hold about two place settings, so you can use it every day to keep your sink and surfaces clear of clutter. If you have limited counter space, you could even keep the dishwasher on a kitchen cart, since it takes up less space than most microwaves!

The mini dishwasher comes loaded with all the programs you’d expect from a full-size machine, including a 40-minute Rapid Wash cycle, a Baby Care cycle that sanitizes, plus a bonus Fruit Wash cycle for cleaning produce. Pods, liquid, and powdered detergents are all compatible with the machine, so it can tackle your toughest loads. As one reviewer noted, “even my cat’s raw meat food bowl came out clean, which I was surprised by since it usually has a few speckles of dried up gunk that are harder to scrub out.”

While the dishwasher is the perfect size for smaller homes, apartment dwellers aren’t the only ones who love this space- and time-saving appliance. “Living in a historic home with no space for a dishwasher meant I was getting very very tired of all the dishes generated during stay-at-home,” says one reviewer. “It’s genuinely saved me so much time.”

But here’s the best part: Unlike other countertop dishwashers that require extra plumbing, the Farberware model comes with its own built-in 5-liter water tank that you can use as your main water source, or connect it directly to your sink with an adapter. “You simply plug it in, pour water into the dispenser and press start,” says one reviewer. Another reviewer adds, “it’s extremely energy efficient and only uses 5-liters of water! A lot less than what I was using washing dishes by hand!”

At just under $400, the Farberware is certainly a small investment. But just think of all the time you’ll save! And, really, what’s more valuable than time?

Buy: Farberware Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher with 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank, $388.26