Fante’s Kitchen Wares Shop: Online

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From Aebleskivers to Zabaglione and Zesters, Fante’s Kitchen Wares Shop online has it all. It’s a treasure trove of basic to unusual kitchen tools, as well as information on their history and use.

Fante’s was established in 1906 in the Italian Market area of Philadelphia. They have a long history of sourcing a huge range of cooking and pastry supplies and tools – often things that were otherwise difficult to find in the United States. They sold their kitchen wares in their shop, then through a popular mail order catalog, and now online.

Being a small shop gives Fante’s advantages and disadvantages over larger competitors like Amazon. They can stock a large array of goods without worrying about having a huge demand for any one product, and they can talk at length on product pages about the product’s use and history with charming anecdotal stories and even recipes.

Their website can at times feel a little disorganized and cluttered, and their shipping times are a little long – 1-2 weeks, unless you pay for expedited 5-day shipping.

But the store is really not the main reason to go to Fante’s – they are such a treasure trove of resources, tips, advice, and good links, they’re often the first place we look for information on an obscure tool or product. Browse around – you’re sure to find something good!