Fantastic Plastic Tableware

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We often see plastics used for children’s dishes (because it’s durable), disposables (what a waste!) and for food storage (don’t do it!). But there are some stylish plastic pieces out there that could outfit the entire family table on busy weeknights. Here are a few plastic plates and such that we wouldn’t mind using:

We aren’t talking party plates that are used once and thrown away here. What this roundup includes are cool plastic reusables that could grace the dinner table any night without sacrificing an ounce of style! Don’t use these in the microwave or for food storage, but for serving up already-reheated leftovers, a slice of pizza, or cold dishes. Here are some favorites we found:

  • Vintage Heller plastic plates by Massimo Vignelli at Kitsch Cafe, 2 for $22
  • French Bull melamine plates at Give Simple, 4 for $44 for 4
  • French Bull Small Bowl in White at All Modern, 4 for $25