Fancy Feasts: Do You Cook For Your Pets?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While cooking my own from-scratch dinner, I’ve often pondered the pellets in my cat’s food bowl. Would he benefit from a homemade meal once in awhile? Last week the New York Times tackled the topic of cooking for pets, talking to some successful pet food home cooks as well as skeptical animal nutritionists.

Do you ever cook for your pets?

Several butchers in New York City are now selling special blends of ground meat and vegetables for pets, but some owners have taken matters into their own hands, preparing homemade meals from ground meat, dry milk, vegetables and mineral supplements. Some credit the home-cooked meals with eliminating their pets’ longtime health issues, while others just like that their dogs and cats are eating the same unprocessed, high-quality ingredients that the owners themselves eat.

Pet food manufacturers are predictably unconvinced, but pet food nutritionists also seem wary. I would be worried about not providing the correct balance of nutrients, and the story of a German shepherd puppy “who was walking on its elbows because it had no strength in its bones” due to a calcium deficiency does nothing to help my fears.

I don’t know if I could ever go completely homemade, but I’m now inspired to cook occasional meals for my pets.

Do you ever make meals for your pets? Do you have any tips or favorite recipes?

(Image: Flickr member Jordan Batch licensed under Creative Commons)