15 Last-Minute Food Costumes for the Entire Family

published Oct 21, 2022
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Still from the animated show Bob's Burgers with the main 4 family members in their diner, staring into the camera
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Halloween is right around the corner, and that probably means you’re stocking up on everything from candy and treats to decorations. One of the most crucial parts of the spooky season, however, is finding the perfect costume — and when you’re looking for last-minute Halloween costumes for families, it can get pretty overwhelming. While it may be pretty traditional to dress as a ghost or a vampire come All Hallows’ Eve, dressing as food can be a really tasty spin on the tradition.

Do you and your crew love breakfast at all times of the day? Dressing up as your favorite food is a way to show it. Want to battle it out for the best candy in the land? There’s a costume for that, too. Whether you want to be avocados, desserts, or everyone’s favorite food, all the fixings are pretty easy to find just with a quick browse on Amazon. Luckily, we’ve done most of the hard work for you. And if you’d rather not buy and prefer to DIY, we’ve even pulled together a few food-related ideas in that department for you, too. After all, the possibilities of food are pretty endless, so why can’t the costumes be the same?

Still looking for last-minute delicious and undeniably fun costumes for Halloween? These costumes for BFFs are a great place to start.

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Need a simple-yet-effective Halloween costume for you and the family? Go as M&M's! These shirts can be paired with white pants, shoes, and gloves like the iconic candies.

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The entire family can dress up as the same carbonated beverage, or you can easily become an assortment of options by dressing up as Mtn Dew, Pepsi, and seltzer.

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From mustard bottles to mayonnaise, there's a condiment for everyone in the family to choose from with this idea.

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Whether your family wants to go as grapes, oranges, strawberries, or pineapples (or maybe a mixed assortment!), this will be the sweetest costume idea your neighborhood has seen.

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Kids will love this super-cool Icee costume idea and they'll even get to choose their favorite flavors, as both red and blue are available! And there's even an option for parents, too.

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Bacon, lettuce, and tomato? What’s not to love! While one person can be the bacon, other members of the family can be the fixings. Just don't forget to include the bread!

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While Oompa Loompas aren't technically food, they did work in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. You could even take things one step further by dressing one person up as Willy Wonka himself.

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Looking for a way to sweeten up your Halloween costume? Dress the entire family in their favorite candy, of course. From Reese's Cups and Hershey's bars to lollipops and Twizzlers, there's something for everyone with this costume idea.

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Whether your family prefers bacon and eggs with pancakes or chicken with a side of waffles, dressing up as your favorite breakfast items will make this Halloween as tasty as it is memorable.

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Adults and kids alike love dressing up as a slice of their favorite pizza. You can also have someone dress up as a pizzaiolo to make it even more realistic.


Credit: © Fox/courtesy Everett Collection

Bob’s Burgers Crew

Dress the crew up as your favorite animated family this year with this simple costume concept. Everyone can choose their character and grab a few items in their closet that will match the theme. Just don’t forget the burger!

Credit: Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Bubble Tea

Why spend a lot of cash on a bubble tea costume this year when you can make one? Just grab a simple white tank-style dress and glue some black pom poms to the hem. And to create a straw, you can just roll up a piece of construction paper.

Credit: Santi S/ Shutterstock

Gumball Machine

Need a cute and simple costume idea that everyone in the family can wear? This gumball machine idea is something you can do in no time. All you need is a pair of red pants or skirt, a white t-shirt, and a few colorful pom poms to glue onto the shirt.

Credit: Taylor Kocher

Little Debbie Snacks

No matter your age, Little Debbie snacks still reign supreme. If your family happens to love them, you can DIY your favorite snack with ease. For example, Cosmic Brownies only need a pair of brown pants and a brown shirt that can be topped with colorful pom poms to serve as the sprinkles.

Credit: Photo: Tara Donne; Food Styling: Anna Stockwell

Ice Cream Sundae

If you’re looking for a simple and eye-catching DIY costume for the family, ice cream sundaes just may be it. Grab a solid color dress or shirt along with a pair of tan pants (or tights) and glue some confetti paper onto the top. And for the ultimate cherry on top, just add take a red balloon and glue it to a headband.

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