13 Festive Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas to Bring Autumn Colors (and Coziness) Inside

published Aug 23, 2023
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Pumpkins and flowers on kitchen table
Credit: Alina Hvostikova / Stocksy

Oh, fall — the season of leaf-peeping, apple-picking, and, of course, chili-making. It’s the time of year where the temperature starts to drop while we admire the leaves’ vibrant hues in one last gorgeous hurrah before winter. For many of us, it’s also a time to deck out your home in all things autumn, from making simmer pots that make your home smell like fall to hiding mini pumpkins in every nook and cranny. And we can’t forget about all the great fall kitchen decor that turns the heart of your home into a harvest oasis! 

Fall kitchen decor transforms your space into a cozy haven, and luckily for the autumn-obsessed, there are plenty of ideas to draw inspiration from floating around. We’ve rounded up some of the top decor ideas to try in fall 2023, from embracing knit pumpkins to breaking out the burlap. Get ready to take notes.

1. Pair orange with cooler colors.

When you think of fall, what’s the first color you think of? Was it orange? Thought so. It makes sense, as varying shades of orange are central to fall color palettes that resemble the season’s lovely foliage.

There are colors that pair well with orange to create a typical fall color scheme, like red and yellow. However, if you want to create eye-catching contrast with your kitchen decor, pair that orange with a darker, cooler color instead, like a navy blue or plum purple. You still get that fall vibe with the orange, but it looks warmer when combined with a cooler color. Another great aspect about this color pairing is that you can use it on an array of decor pieces and it won’t feel tired, from accent pieces in a fall-themed table tray to cutting boards. Unique vibrance awaits! 

Our picks: Purple and Orange Pumpkin Fall Sign, Small Blue Truck Decor Piece, Orange and Blue Fall Floral Glass Cutting Board

2. Use knit pumpkins to add an extra comfy touch.

Let’s be honest: Anything that’s knit generally has a cozy feel to it. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by gracing your kitchen table and countertops with knit pumpkins. They’re surprisingly versatile decor pieces, fitting into styles like farmhouse and cottagecore, and they look just as great matching as they do when you mix and match fall colors like orange, burgundy, and yellow. 

Another perk of using knit pumpkins is that they make great additions to centerpieces or larger fall kitchen decor displays. They’re not so big that they’re gaudy, but not so small that you miss them in a blink. Combine different sizes and styles to create a glorious knit pumpkin patch right in your kitchen. You can also check your local Aldi for their cozy new pumpkin decor.

Our picks: Autumn Set of Knit Pumpkins, Gourmet Knit Pumpkin, Decorative Orange Knit Pumpkins

3. Create an eye-catching, fall-themed centerpiece.

No autumn-centric kitchen is complete without a fall centerpiece — an essential for defining a room’s aesthetic, drawing the eye to a gorgeous focal point that issues a warm welcome to anyone who enters. Think of it as the beautiful bow on the gift of your autumn-graced kitchen. 

The best part about centerpieces? How creative you can get with them — they can be any size and can contain anything and everything your heart desires. Choose from a base, like a mason jar or a wooden box, then throw in some pinecones, faux (or real!) pumpkins or gourds, an assortment of fall flowers, leaves and woody twigs — you get the gist. Basically, if it’s got anything to do with fall, you can’t go wrong putting it in a centerpiece. Make one yourself, or choose a pre-made centerpiece to add that wonderful touch of autumn to your kitchen table or island, perfect for any fall get-together.

Our picks: Faux Pumpkin Patch Centerpiece, Wayfair Harvest Milk Jug Mixed Centerpiece, Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece

4. Capture fall in stunning mason jars.

Is there anything a mason jar can’t do? Give your kitchen that extra-special fall touch by using canning jars in your decor. Put fall-themed items like flowers, faux berry branches, and twinkling lights in the jars to create a comfy autumn ambiance. 

The mason jar’s adaptability in fall decor is admirable — it can be clear as day or painted in vibrant fall colors, and look beautiful either way. It can be used as a solo piece on a kitchen hutch, or grouped together to create a glorious ode to fall on the kitchen island. And let’s not forget its usefulness for DIYers crafting their own fall pieces, providing a blank canvas for creativity! If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, grab a pre-made display and pop it in your kitchen for a no-fuss masterpiece.

Our picks: Mason Jar Centerpiece with Lights, Mason Jar Wall Decor, Mason Jar Flower Display

5. Break out the burlap.

Make no mistake: Burlap isn’t just for grain sacks. It’s a material that works with so many home styles thanks to its breathable material and neutral colors. It also works with different decor themes, including most seasons, but especially fall. One way to incorporate it into your fall kitchen decor is to place an autumn-centric burlap table runner on your kitchen island or table. 

A table runner adds a nice touch to any space and creates a stylish base for your centerpiece. You can also get burlap table runners with autumn designs on them, like pumpkins and leaves, to bring your whole autumn look together. 

Our picks: Red Truck Burlap Fall Table Runner, Fall Decor Burlap Table Runner, Fall Leaves Burlap Table Runner

6. Use fall flowers as accents.

In case you didn’t know, flowers aren’t reserved for solely spring and summer decor. In fact, fall flowers make lovely autumn accents for centerpieces, vases, and mason jars in the kitchen, adding a touch of life to the season of rest. 

You can go two routes with fall flowers: Use fall-colored blooms, like burgundy or golden yellow, or actual seasonal fall flowers such as chrysanthemums. Place them in a vase and add it to your centerpiece, or if you’re going for a simpler look, place it in the middle of your table runner, flanked by two candles. 

Our picks: Artificial Fall Flowers, Artificial Chrysanthemums, Artificial Fall-Colored Flower Bunch

7. Place fall wreaths on your kitchen cabinets.

Add an extra pop of autumn to your kitchen by hanging decorative fall wreaths on your kitchen cabinets. Grab the step ladder and decorate cabinets of all heights with fun wreaths accented with gorgeous shades of orange, red, and yellow fall foliage. 

Don’t want to put them on your cabinets? Try hanging them on the pantry door, in front of the kitchen window, or even right on your walls. Putting wreaths in the kitchen adds a surprising, but stylish, twist to your fall look (that might even work through the winter). 

Our picks: Artificial Wreath with Bright Oak Leaves, Sunflower Wreath for Fall, Flowers and Leaves Elegant Wreath

8. Use electric candles to create a feeling of warmth. 

Want that warm-and-snuggly fall candle feel, but don’t want to worry about blowing out the flame, or accidentally knocking it over? If so, here’s the solution: electric candles. They create that signature seasonal glow when paired with fall kitchen decor, minus any real fire (because FYI, there are more fire hazards in your kitchen than you may realize).

Use electric candles as accents in your centerpiece, or to flank your fall flower displays. Their soft radiance will set a warm mood even on fall’s crispest days. 

Our picks: SHYMERY Flameless Votive Candles, Aignis Flameless Candles with Remote, Battery Operated Tea Light Candles 

9. Light some true fall-inspired candles for a luxe experience.

This idea is for those who want the real deal when it comes to candles. Put a fall-scented candle in your kitchen to grace your eyes and nose with autumn’s loveliness. Fall candles are typically brown, red, or another fall color (and are often even pumpkin-shaped!), and come in a plethora of autumn scents, like delicious apple spice or sweet ol’ cinnamon. You’ll keep the fall color palette intact and fill your kitchen with signature autumn scents. Plus, the glow of the candle’s flame will make your kitchen feel comfy and inviting. 

Our picks: Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath Candle, Apple Cider Candle, Sand + Fog Pumpkin Chai Scented Candle 

10. Sprinkle in some acorns to add a natural touch.

Yep, you read that right. Acorns aren’t just those tiny nuggets you see in your yard — they also make cute decor pieces during fall. Collect some acorns with the family, paint them your preferred color scheme, and, voilà!, you have DIY-friendly decor for your centerpieces and mason jars. And if you don’t feel like foraging for acorns, don’t worry — there are plenty of acorn-themed decor pieces to pick up. Grab some fabric acorns, acorn lights, or wooden acorn knick-knacks to create a natural fall feel. 

Our picks: Handmade Fabric Acorns, Acorn String Lights, Wooden Acorn Tray Decor

11. Decorate with plaid, plaid, and more plaid!

We can’t talk about fall without talking about the season’s staple pattern: plaid. It isn’t just for flannels anymore; plaid is a pattern that works with several color palettes and materials, like wool and cotton. Choose from color combos like black and white, red and orange, or green and yellow to really capture that homey autumn feel. 

Another great benefit of decorating with plaid is that you can use it for pretty much any piece of kitchen decor. Bows, place mats, table runners, dish towels — they all have the potential to be seasonally decked out to match your favorite fall flannel. 

Our picks: Distressed Fork & Spoon with Plaid Bow, Plaid Fall Kitchen Floor Mats, Plaid Table Runner

12. Place fall-tastic canisters around your kitchen.

Canisters serve countless purposes in the kitchen, from holding flour or freshly baked cookies, to housing your essential cooking utensils. They also make great decor pieces, adding bursts of seasonal fun in the kitchen. Get your space ready for autumn by placing fall-themed canisters around the space, complete with images of pumpkins and changing leaves. Or, if you want to keep it simple, decorate with a fall-colored canister, like orange or gold. Your guests will be impressed by the functionality and style! 

Our picks: Pumpkin Spice Ceramic Canister, Pumpkin Cookie Jar, Rust-Colored Ceramic Canisters

13. Spice up your stovetop with pumpkin-shaped cookware.

Imagine: It’s time to cook something hearty in the fall wonderland you call your kitchen. You pull out your kitchenware and, well… the magic halts. It’s not that your cookware is bad, they’re just not fitting into the autumn aesthetic you’ve worked so hard to create. But who says your cookware can’t enjoy a fall refresh? 

Bring autumn to your oven by investing in pumpkin-shaped cookware that’s efficient and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a little decor detail that makes a big difference — and luckily, there are plenty of pumpkin-shaped pieces to choose from, including ceramic baking dishes and soup pots. 

Our picks: Pumpkin Micro Pressure Pot, Ceramic Ramekins Set, Le Creuset Stoneware Pumpkin Baker