Fall Find: Fried Apple Rings With Cinnamon Dip

published Sep 27, 2012
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092612-apples.jpg The second the weather breaks I want to eat anything and everything that tastes like fall. I can’t help it. I’d blame my female programming, but I see just as many dudes chugging down pumpkin lattes, so ladies, we’re not alone. So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way there are more important things to discuss, like fried apple rings!

I’m a pro at frying just about everything. I didn’t think there was a single item in my kitchen that I hadn’t thrown in the fryer, but I’m afraid I stand corrected. Never did the thought of fried apples cross my mind, but they surely have now.

Jen over at How To: Simplify has done fabulous fall things in her kitchen. She started with a simple apple, a fryer, and then magical, magical things happened. From the oil emerged beautifully fried rings of golden deliciousness (seriously, you can taste it through the screen), and when paired with a cinnamon dipping sauce, it becomes the next great appetizer for your festive get-togethers. Trust me, you’re going to want to check this out. Fried apples! (I squee-d out loud just then, but it rather loses something in type).

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