Fall Baking: Angel Biscuits

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever tried an angel biscuit? A post over at Please Pass the Pie just reminded us of these wonderful morsels. While we love just about every sort of biscuit known to man, these are especially delicious and irresistible, and here’s why.

Angel biscuits are quite similar to regular old biscuits, but with one exception: they have yeast! They’re like the perfect cross between a flaky biscuit and a yeasted dinner roll.

They have shortening (or butter) in them, cut in just like you do with regular biscuits. But then you add a packet of yeast with the buttermilk, and let them rise a bit before cutting them out. The result? A very, very fine baked good.

My mother used to make these to go along with fall suppers of beef stew and green beans. We always fell upon them like a ravening horde; there were never any angel biscuits left over! Have you ever tried them? If you’d like to, the recipe is over at Please Pass the Pie.

Get the recipe: Angel Biscuits at Please Pass the Pie

(Image: Abbie of Please Pass the Pie)