Faith Durand's Favorite Posts of 2010

Faith Durand's Favorite Posts of 2010

Faith Durand
Dec 31, 2010

I asked The Kitchn team to do these write-ups on their favorite posts from the past year — five from the site itself, and five from elsewhere around the web. So I supposed I shouldn't complain that it's hard, eh? Sorting through the thousands I view every year is difficult, and then whittling down the hundreds that inspired me to just ten — yes, it's nearly random. But it's such fun to revisit all that inspiration. So here, with no more ado, are ten posts that I remember well from this past year.

My Favorite Posts from The Kitchn

  1. Breakfast in Bed Recipe: IKEA-Inspired Cinnamon Rolls - This tongue-in-cheek (yet totally delicious!) recipe was a nod to The Kitchn's roots in Apartment Therapy and all things home-related. IKEA of course is always a hot topic across our whole network, and so I asked Liz if she could reproduce their yeasty buns of goodness. She obliged with such a funny, charming, and cute post! Cinnamon rolls in bed (an IKEA bed?) — that's how I want to to start my new year.

  2. How To Cut Up a Chicken: The Video - I am lucky enough to have a cooking buddy in town. Emma and I did quite a bit of cooking together this year, and it included this series of videos for Home Hacks month last February. We had so much fun with these videos! (And, honestly, we slaved over those things.) This one was one of my favorites, out-of-focus parts and all!

  3. Open and Light: A Kitchen That Flows Into the Home - I see so many kitchen spaces every year, but this year, I found just the right one to file away for dreaming and future inspiration. It was a close call between this kitchen and this one, but I think I found my dream kitchen (or at least a blueprint for it). I don't love everything about this open, light-filled kitchen, but I do love most of it.

  4. What Keeps You From Entertaining More Often? - This post isn't quite a Kitchn post (it was written by Sarah Rae for Apartment Therapy). But it is in my most-frequented bookmarks, and I revisit it often. Why? Well, it has nearly 150 comments from real-life readers telling us why they don't cook, and why they don't have people into their homes. The reasons range from being too busy, to being intimidated by cooking for a crowd, to the fear of failing. Our mission is to help you make your kitchen a nourishing place for yourself — but also for your friends. So I revisit this post often to help me remember the obstacles that people face in this process, and to give me fresh inspiration for posts that will help our readers feel more confident and easygoing about cooking for others.

  5. Love Sugar Cookies? String Them Into a Necklace! - We hired quite a few new writers this year, and it has been just a delight to have new voices added to the team. When I think of the fresh things that this team brings, I especially think of this adorable post from Leela. I really admire her creativity and her pluck; she did the photographs for this post in a photobooth, and even pulled in a couple she met in the lobby to help her out! All of the new writers are bringing so many good things to the site, but I am especially loving Leela's Breakfast With a Blogger series, too.

My Favorite Posts from Around the Web

  1. French Tomato Tart by David Lebovitz - When I think of bloggers who offer fresh inspiration to me every time I read their posts, David Lebovitz is the first that comes to mind. This tomato tart is the perfect example; it's so easy, so elegant, so seasonal. And yet I had never made anything like it. I made it promptly, loved it, and it is now on summer rotation — like many other recipes from David that have made their way into my files. (I also had the pleasure of meeting David in Paris this year; he is, if possible, even more charming in person.)

  2. Cucumber Gimlet at Crumpets & Cakes - When looking through my files for these favorite posts, I tried to go back to the recipes that I really made the most. Well folks, this one is top of the heap. I returned to this gimlet so many times last summer! (Someone tell me when it's May so I can break it out again...)

  3. Why straws make the drink better by Bryan Geiger at Fine Cooking - I really love the "kitchen mysteries with the food geek" series at Fine Cooking's blog. This entry especially delighted me. I love drinking out of a straw, and Bryan's quite serious and in-depth explanation of why (truly!) it's better, fascinated me, but also made me chuckle.

  4. Homemade Dandelion and Burdock Soda Recipe at The Wild Drink Blog - I go through periods of obsession with very specific things, and part of what I love about weblogs is their capacity to indulge obsessions and focus narrowly on just one or two things. Last spring I was completely obsessed with wild burdock (long story) and I was delighted to find an entire blog post devoted to wild burdock soda. This on my to-make list.

  5. Sunday Suppers - I love to cook, but I also love all the peripherals: Setting the table, lighting the candles, creating an environment for a good meal and good conversation. So I return to Sunday Suppers over and over for inspiration; their style is simple yet sophisticated, while remaining accessible. There is always something to inspire here.
  6. And of course I have left off far too many favorite posts and blog friends; Lucy, Megan, Elissa, and Megan all had amazingly fun and inspiring posts this past year. That's just a handful, too; there are far too many wonderful writers and bloggers out there to mention!

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Welcome to The Kitchn's end-of-year roundup! We are rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the last year, including lots of recipes. We are also shaking out our reader mailbag, and giving you a few more great guest posts from our friends.

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