Fairway Market in Red Hook

(Chris, of Electric Stove, sent in this review of the new Fairway market in Red Hook, Brooklyn)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I went to the new 52,000 square foot Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn hoping to find one of the best grocery stores in New York City.

After a subway trip, long bus ride and cruise ship spotting, that’s just what I found. This is the first Brooklyn grocery store I’ve visited that could truly qualify a “one stop shopping” spot before a big cooking adventure.

The produce, meat, fish, bakery, and organic sections are all excellent and priced fairly. Unlike Whole Foods, Fairway also sells the major national brands that many of us rely on.

My two favorite parts: the view from their deck which is a reward waiting for you at the end of your shopping trip, near the bakery (while enjoying my iced tea, I saw the Queen Mary 2 pass by the Statue of Liberty) and the fascinating signs and articles they hang through the store. In taking my time rolling my cart through the store and reading away, I learned about how the USDA grades meat and discovered imported garlic and artichoke cream.

The employees are cheery but it’s apparent the store is new. I asked for help finding preserved lemons, as featured on Fairway’s little blog. They first took me to the lemon preserves and then a manager told me that the preserved lemons were out of stock.

If you’re relying on public transportation, expect quite a trip from most spots in Manhattan or Brooklyn, but there’s some pit stops you can make right along the way. If you pick up the B61 bus at the corner of Court St. and Atlantic Ave., you’ll be right in front of Cook’s Companion and just down the street from Sahadi’s middle eastern market. On the weekend, you could take the water taxi right to Fairway’s back door for just $5.



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