Fact or Fiction: Does America Produce Enough Food To Sustain Itself?

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With our recent focus on American farmers and growers it seems like this land we love has more than enough food to go around. If we took all the food harvested from American soil and distributed it evenly to all our citizens, would it be enough to go around?

As we learned while reading Take Part‘s recent article on food myths, the answer is no. Although it seems like we should be able to sustain ourselves, the truth of the matter is that we can’t. Even if we could devise a method to divide up our bounty and transport all that healthy goodness, we still wouldn’t be able to sustain our citizens. Scary? Sort of. Pending pandemic, zombie outbreak or something you’d see in movies, there isn’t much to worry about other than being sad.

It seems as though one of the world’s biggest powerhouses should be a little more sustainable, especially in case of emergency (and you all made fun of me for having food storage), but we depend largely on outside sources for many food items, mainly fruit! We’d need to double our fruit production to provide for everyone, and although Florida and California do a pretty good job with the Midwest, it’s still not enough.

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(Image: Emma Christensen)