This TikToker Created Instant Mood Lighting in Their Kitchen

published Jun 28, 2023
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kitchen sink area with rattan front cabinets, white tile backsplash, warm under cabinet lights, black hardware accents, black countertop, plants
Credit: Kanok Sulaiman/Getty Images

Is there anything worse than making your morning coffee under harsh overhead lighting? Objectively, yes, but it’s still an annoying way to start the day. I spent many years trying to decide if it was worth the lost counter space to squeeze a lamp into my tiny apartment kitchen. Now that I’ve moved into my forever home, one of my favorite new-to-me features is my dimmable under-cabinet lighting. Little did I know that I could have had this luxury in all my years as a renter with rechargeable, dimmable EZVALO Puck Lights.

These wireless LED lights attach via a renter-friendly magnet, making them easy to remove for charging or moving day. I first discovered them in a TikTok by Anela Martinez — the soothing video is peppered with satisfying clicks as the magnets connect, and ends with the kitchen bathed in soft light. 

The brightness is adjusted by remote control or by hovering your hand just below the light, which is perfect for when you’re covered in flour but need a little extra illumination. You can also group lights together so that when you wave your hand under one light, it can affect some or all of them.

Just like me, TikTok viewers were enthusiastic about the discovery, commenting, “I have been ✨influenced✨,” and “INSTANTLY bought these and just finished installing them, I am OBSESSED!!!” 

According to the product listing, one charge will last 19 hours on maximum brightness, so it’s important to turn them off when not in use to avoid unnecessary charging time. While some users noted these would require charging often, I still think my delight in mood lighting would outweigh the chore of charging, especially since — with an energy-saving approach — one charge can last weeks, according to Martinez. 

One reviewer on Amazon offers a brilliant (pun intended) solution to the charging issue: Install three lights, and keep three on the charger. Whenever a light needs a charge, it only takes a simple swap to restore mood lighting to the space. 

Even though our home has built-in dimmable lights, I’ve already added the EZVALO Puck Lights to my wishlist. Even outside of the kitchen, I think they’d be perfect in the closet, pantry, laundry room, bookcases, or bathroom — and one click on Amazon is much more affordable than hiring an electrician.

Buy: EZVALO Puck Lights, $79.99 (originally $89.99)